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Civas Clinic is dedicated to the treatment of baldness. A boutique clinic with high-quality surgeries, we specialize in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

Dr Ekrem Civas

A qualified dermatologist, Dr Civas is a specialist in Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatment since 1999, when he started doing FUT surgeries. He has been performing FUE surgeries since 2006, has published two books on Hair Transplant, authored more than 25 scientific publications and made dozens of presentations to surgeons all over the world.
Dr Civas is the only surgeon in Turkey who is a fellow member of the ISHRS.


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With thousands of hair transplant surgeries performed since 1999 and dozens of scientific publications, Dr Civas is one of the most respected hair surgeons in the world.


He developed Civas Clinic over 15 years ago and put together a team of highly skilled technicians to serve the needs of the balding people


Hair surgery is a complex procedure which requires a lot of skills and training, but it is also an art because each hairline, each hair implantation, each type of skin, each patient is different.

Attractive Pricing

At Civas Clinic we strive for the best results for each patient, and we perform only one surgery per day at a surprisingly attractive price.

Best Results

Our patients understand the importance of having only the best professionals for their hair transplant. With our expertise and highest procedure standards, we help you get back the hair density you want.

Patients Satisfaction

With exceptionnally good hair transplant results, you will not only look younger and feel more energetic but also enjoy a renewed self-esteem.

OUR Hair Transplant Techniques

We provide FUE and FUT surgeries for first-time patients, and we also treat complex cases of alopecia and patients who see poor results from initial surgery performed elsewhere.

Beard Transplant Techniques

Modified FUE Hair Transplantation

Scars Revision Hair Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

Hair Transplant Repair

Hair Transplant in women

Dr Ekrem Civas

Dr. Ekrem Civas

Dr. Ekrem Civas a dermatologist and FUE hair transplantation specialist, is the founder of Civas Clinic in Ankara, Turkey. Since 1999 through his dedication and commitment in this field, Dr Civas has accomplished over 3500 successful FUE and FUT hair transplant surgeries, written 3 books, 24 articles and 21 scientific posters.

He’s the first doctor in Turkey to be certified by the ABHRS. In September 2015, Dr. Civas qualified to be a Fellow ISHRS (FISHRS), which is an academic honor of excellence and expertise with regard to hair loss and transplantation. Read more about Dr. Civas

Dr. Ekrem Civas is the First and Only ISHRS Fellow (FISHRS) Doctor in Turkey.

ISHRS Fellow is a title that is designated to physicians who show an exceptional academic record in the field. To qualify, a physician must attain and maintain sufficient points in specified criteria e.g. leadership, scientific research and publications, training and ABHRS certification. Dr. Ekrem Civas, having constantly shown an exemplary scientific research track record; earned the Fellow ISHRS title in Sept 2015. Its a great privilege to be FISHRS as it is one of the highest ranks of excellence. Dr. Civas is currently the first and only FISHRS doctor in Turkey. Here is the list of all the FISHRS qualifying doctors in the whole world.

Dr Ekrem Civas is Fellow ISHRS

Hair Transplant Results (Before-After)

3400 grafts

3700 grafts

3300 grafts

3500 grafts

3200 grafts

Dr Civas Case-3

Patient’s Reviews

“Very pleased”

I’m very pleased for the surgery. 2950 transplanted in 8 hours, 5 juices and 1 lunch. Better then in a hotel!! Dr. Ekrem Civas is highly competent and with his team performed a good job. The same day I had a dinner outside with my girlfriend an I had no problem. Now after 1 month all seems fine and I’m waiting for my new hair. Thank you Dr. Ekrem Ps: Gonca (Patients coordinator) is a very friendliness person and welcomes you as if you were at home.

(5 / 5) Matteo, Italy

“Strongly recommend”

With this letter I want to thank Civas Clinic for a super-professional attitude, I can only say that I strongly recommend their treatment. I’ve made a hair transplatation with graft method with good results. The information was clear, safe and well, they are kind and caring in a professional way, very clean and modern environment. Everything is done with excellent planning.I have been informed step by step and have felt fully best thanks to Civas Clinic

(5 / 5) Angra, Sweden

“Look no further”

I cannot express how impressed I have been with the service at Civas Clinic and encourage anyone who is in the same position as me to look no further. You will be treated as a complete individual and you should have full confidence at the professionalism of the entire team.

  (5 / 5) Leanne, Ireland

“I would not change a thing”

I will highly recommend Dr Civas and his brilliant team, to anyone wishing to have this procedure. If I had to do this procedure again I would come back to Dr Civas and I would not change a thing because my experience has been first class!!! Thanks again! :))

(5 / 5) Donna, UK

“Highly recommend”

The operation went really smooth and the doctor and the staff really made sure that I felt good in every possible way during the operation. Now that I’m back in Sweden I am really happy and excited about my new hair. I have got a really good response from everybody that has seen me. For everybody that have trouble deciding about doing the operation I want to say: -Don’t worry too much, like I did, you will be in good hands and you will be positively surprised about the end result. I highly recommend Dr. Ekrem Civas and his staff to everybody.

(5 / 5) Chafik, Sweden

“Results perfectly natural”

I did not feel comfortable going abroad for FUE surgery, but the cost in my country was ridiculously high. The clinic answered all my questions and I had the feeling I could trust them. I also liked the fact that they did not push. So I decided to try. When I got there, I was treated like a VIP and felt perfectly safe. The team is absolutely lovely and Dr Civas was constantly present. The surgery was painless and my results are perfectly natural. I have only one regret – I should have gone before!

(5 / 5) Gilles, France

“They showed genuine concern”

I can 100 % recommend people to Civas. It is not just a clinic that took their money and then forgot me. They did everything in their power to show I was feeling well. They showed genuine concern. I give Civas 5 of 5.

(5 / 5) Tomas, Europe

“Would highly recommend”

I am very happy with the service, results and the staff at Doctor Civas Hairclinic or 1st class and everybody I see I tell them that I have had my head done and would highly recommend Dr Civas without hesitation.

(5 / 5) Kevin, Newcastle upon Tyne


Doctor Civas is a kind and professional person. The level of care received was exceptional. All the best in the future and keep up the good work.

(5 / 5) Amjid, UK

“The real deal”

I can definitely recommend this practice both for a very reasonable price and great results, they also took real good care of me. Dr Ekrem and his team are the real deal.
(Google Review)

(5 / 5) Richard, UK

“It doesn’t  get much better!”

I did an enormous amount of research when deciding which surgeon to use for my HT. Dr Civas delivered everything he promised he would. The standard of his workmanship is superb and as a result I’ve had no end of compliments, and that includes from barbers who are surprised when I tell them that I’ve had a  hair transplant. It doesn’t  get much better than that!

(5 / 5) Nigel, UK

“Highly recommended”

Amazing. Kind, smart, really preoccupied by the well being of his patients. And he knows the ins and outs of hair transplant. Highly recommended.

(from RealSelf review)

(5 / 5) Patient from USA

A world class surgeon…without the premium price

Are you among those who do not want to pay a premium price for hair transplant in Europe, the US, Asia, Australia or Middle-East, but still want one of the best surgeons in the world? Like thousands of people like you since 1999, you can add your own testimonial to our long list of very satisfied patients.  Even in the very complex cases that other clinics cannot treat.

Plan in advance

Dr Civas operates no more than 20 patients per month, because he believes in treating each patient personally with the best possible care,. He also often travels the world to present the latest hair transplant techniques to fellow surgeons. For these reasons, he is fully booked months in advance. The waiting list can be quite long !

Our Foreign Patients Coordinator will help you

If you are reading this, you are searching for affordable hair transplant surgery; but you also want a reputable surgeon. Traveling to a foreign country for surgery is not an easy decision. We advise that you take your time, learn about the techniques and the procedures. You will get several offers from different sites in Turkey or elsewere, but you will also have many questions. During this process, our Foreign Patients Coordinator will be happy to help you. You can send us your questions via the FAQ form or via email after you have submitted your photos. You can also scroll down this page to read our FUE 101.

Send your pictures now

We will study your pictures and description to give you an overview of the procedure for your case, and an estimate of cost. Please note that because each patient’s skin and hair characteristics differ case by case, the exact number of grafts cannot be determined…


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Scientific Presentations

Dr Civas has made various scientific presentations about the subject of Hair Loss and FUE surgery over the years. He recently delivered talks at the ISHRS annual meeting in Chicago.

Presentation on Primary Cicatricial Alopecia

Dr Civas Dermatological conference

6th National Surgical Dermatology Days Conference held in Ankara. Dr. Ekrem Civas attended as a speaker of “Surgical Treatment of Cicatricial Alopecia”

ISHRS 23rd Annual Meeting, Chicago 2015

Dr Civas Dermatological conference

6th National Surgical Dermatology Days Conference held in Ankara. Dr. Ekrem Civas attended as a speaker of “Surgical Treatment of Cicatricial Alopecia”

FUE 101

What you need to know about hair transplant surgery

Below is a list of 11 key points to keep in mind when choosing a FUE surgeon

Hair loss surgery: is FUE the best treatment for baldness?

civas-hairFUEWould you like to look younger, feel more confident? You may have tried several treatments already; with limited results. Certain drugs such as Rogaine (Minoxidil) are effective in slowing hair loss and may even help hair regrowth, but they must be used without interruption and they often create unwanted side effects. In some cases they can even accelerate hair loss. Other treatments based on topical creams, herbal remedies, or certain types of foods simply don’t work.


The cause of androgenetic alopecia, or male-pattern hair loss; is well understood; certain hormones that are genetically activated and determine the nature of the hair loss. Unfortunately, massaging your hair with onion juice, eating fenugreek, garlic or Indian gooseberry will not prevent hair loss. There is simply no miracle cure for alopecia.


So what can you do? Most people dislike the idea of surgery, particularly hair surgery. But techniques have evolved considerably during the last 20 years. Initially, it was based on the strip method, which tends to create a visible scar; hair transplant has now evolved into an individual graft targeted surgery which leaves no visible scars.


This technique, called FUE (for Follicular Unit Extraction) is based on specific instruments designed to harvest only hairs that are not susceptible to baldness, and transplant them in the bald areas. Your surgeon will extract each follicular unit, composed of 2-4 hairs, and implant it into the bald area following your own natural pattern of hair growth. Apart from the very small circular excision around each follicle, there is no skin excision, contrary to older methods such as the strip method or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation); which as the name implies, consists of cutting a strip off the back of your head and dissecting out the follicles one by one before grafting them. With the FUE method, the pain is minimal. There’s only one real drawback: the surgery can be quite long, because each follicle is extracted and implanted individually. Imagine the time it takes for 3000 grafts! The donor area heals quickly and the transplanted hair starts to grow several weeks after the surgery.


Follicular Extraction Unit has been in use for over a decade now and is by far superior to any other kind of treatment, with the exception of very specific cases resulting from diseases or accidents, which may require other types of surgery.

Are you a suitable candidate for Hair Transplant?

hair-surgeryThere are various factors that can determine the eligibility of a hair transplant. Age is a very important factor for AGA patients; its always advisable for a patient to wait for their hair loss to stabilize before they have a hair transplant. Patients who are in their initial stages of hair loss about 18-25 are discouraged to have the hair transplant surgery.


The patients expectations also matter, many patients have this dream of regaining back thick youthful hair with a hair transplant; which in most cases is not possible. The amount and density of coverage depends on the size of the bald area vs the donor availability.


The cause of hair loss can also determine if you are a suitable candidate. Some forms of alopecia cannot be corrected by hair transplant. Medical history of the patient also plays a role in defining the eligibility of a patient; patients with bleeding problems, allergic reactions, keloid susceptibility should be well tested first to avoid complications in the surgery and healing. In general, AGA patients with healthy medical records and sufficient donor hair are good candidates of hair transplant.

How many grafts do you need?

civas-graftsThis is a very common question raised by many patients. A graft is a naturally existing group of single hairs on one follicular unit (FU). A graft can contain 1 to 4 hairs. This is the main determinant of density of a person’s hair.


There are patients with an average of 3-4 hairs per FU who have thick dense hair, while other patients have only 2 hairs per FU who have thin sparse hair; an average estimate of hairs per FU for most people with average thickness is 2.7.


So depending on the size of the bald area and the available donor density and amount, we can estimate how many grafts are needed to bring out a sufficiently satisfactory result. In general Norwood 2-3 patients would need about 2000-2500 grafts, 3-4 patients need about 3000-3500 grafts and as the baldness advances, Norwood 5-6 patients would then need 2 sessions of a total of 4000-5000 grafts. This is just a rough estimate; you would need to go to a hair transplant specialist to get the exact estimation.

How do you prepare for the hair transplant surgery?

civas-medical-historyThe hair transplant surgery only affects the skin, so it doesn’t need any complex preparations. The most important aspects are that the patient is expected to be well informed about the surgery process, the risks involved and the potential results. Its good practice to ask your doctor all your questions so that you can come for the surgery with a clear mind.


You need to do a full blood test and provide the doctor with the test results and your medical history. A week before the surgery, the patient should stop using blood thinner pills, vitamins, aspirin, antidepressants and herbal pills. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided a week before and after the surgery. Lastly have a positive mind and realistic expectations!

When does the scalp heal after surgery?

patientIt takes about a total of 2 weeks for the patient to completely recover and lose the traces of the surgery. However, the patient can resume their normal work after a week. The donor area heals well after a few days; as for the recipient area, scabs fall out after 8-10 days. Redness of the scalp however might last longer and is the only trace of the surgery left after 2 weeks. A slight itching is not uncommon even after several weeks, both in the transplanted and in the donor area, but it does not reaches levels of discomfort and is actually a sign that your skin is healing well.


Several weeks after surgery – sometimes up to two months- the transplanted hairs fall off. This is a normal result from the surgery shock. After all, your follicles were sitting comfortably in the same place for years when suddenly someone extracted them and grafted them somewhere else. That’s quite a shock. After a “rest” phase, your hair will grow again. The compatibility of the graft is 100% because we are using only your own hair with your own DNA, and the final results are achieved within a year.

Is FUE an invasive surgery?

civas-surgeryAlthough FUE surgery might appear simple because we don’t use scalpels, there are no sutures and you get only local anesthetic, the fact is it is quite invasive and should not be taken lightly.


There will be thousands of small dot-sized scars where each follicular unit was taken. Of course no one will see those scars unless they are actively and closely looking, but imagine the combined size of those thousand openings in your skin. In certain cases it can be the equivalent of an orange.


For this reason you should look only for a clinic or hospital with very high surgical standards. For instance, some cheap clinics practice “open air” surgeries where each patient is in a room, doors wide open, allowing anyone to come and go, sometimes even not members of the medical personel. It is not unheard of that your driver will come and talk to you during the surgery!  This is a negligent behaviour and very good way for unwanted bacterias to infect the wound. It can result in complications and traumatic experiences. We suggest that you select only a Board Approved Hospital or Surgeon.


It is also necessary to maximize the survival of grafts – you don’t want to lose those precious hair. But it is equally important to achieve natural-looking results. For this reason, the surgeon must define the proper distribution and angulation of grafts, implanted at different depths under the skin depending on each case. The type of skin, the type of hair, the type of follicles, the density of the donor area and the size of the grafted area are some of the factors to take into account. To get long lasting, natural-looking result, you should get a team which has a proven track record with years of training, practice and experience.  Low-cost clinics implant each follicle following the same predefined wavy pattern for each patient. It’s no surprise that the result does not appear natural.

Dr Civas, a leading expert in hair loss treatment

dr-ekrem-civas-3Dr Civas and his assistants have been doing FUE and other hair restoration surgeries such as FUT since 1999. A world-class surgeon, Dr Civas was in 2011 the first surgeon in Turkey to be ABHRS* Certified. In 2015 he attained ISHRS** Fellow status, the first and only in Turkey. More than words, these certifications and fellowship demonstrate the high quality of his surgeries.


*ABHRSAmerican Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. The mission of the ABHRS is to establish standards and to examine surgeons’ skill, knowledge and aesthetic judgment in the field of hair restoration surgery. They grant certification to candidates who meet the highest standards of the medical profession
**ISHRS : the International Society of Hair Restoration Society is the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration with more than 1,200 members throughout 70 countries worldwide. The Fellow designation recognizes  the surgeon who strives for excellence in this specialized field. There are only 94 Fellows ISHRS in the world, and Dr Ekrem Civas is one of them.


Get the best possible results at an attractive price

price-per-graft-civasDespite their world-class quality, FUE surgeries at Civas Clinic are attractively priced compared to other countries. That’s of course because the cost of living in Ankara is 60% cheaper than in London or New York City, but also because Dr Civas loves what he does and wants as many people as possible to benefit from his high-quality surgeries.


The price per graft is 1,5 € on average, 4 times cheaper than the average in the US – with the best results you can get.

What about low-cost clinics?

While Civas Clinic can make you benefit from a much lower cost than most renowned clinics in the world, it is certainly not a low-cost clinic. Before considering FUE surgery, you should ask yourself what is the most important: getting great results, or saving money? If your answer is money; we suggest that you avoid hair transplant altogether.

Some clinics quote a very low fixed price for unlimited amount of grafts. While it can be initially attractive from a purely financial standpoint, is it really a good choice? Let’s look at the 6 most important points to consider.

Does the surgeon have an extensive experience of FUE surgery?

FUE surgery requires expert skills and while any doctor can learn how to do it, they must practice for years under the guidance of an experienced specialist. Doctors working in ultra-low cost clinics may or may not have the required background and may even have no specialization at all.

Is the surgeon a qualified dermatologist?

A good analysis of the scalp properties and donor area health is required, something which can only be adequately performed by a specialist such as a dermatologist. Other medical doctors may or may not have the extensive knowledge and experience required.

Is the surgery performed by the surgeon himself?

FUE surgery is a time-consuming procedure and doctors need to put in long hours themselves. In most ultra-low cost clinics, several surgeries are done at the same time, and medical doctors are only checking patients for a few minutes, then leave the assistants to do the work.

Do they perform natural pattern grafting?

During the procedure, the distribution of grafts is extremely important. Ultra-low cost clinics perform the same distribution and implantation angles on everyone, resulting in linear patterns which look totally unnatural -you hairdresser will be too polite to tell you- poor graft survival rate and possible complications after surgery.

Do they give you all the information you need?

Hair Transplant Surgery requires an understanding of the patient’s desires as well as the ability to give advice on what can be realistically achieved depending on each case. A good FUE surgeon is not selling dreams, but should instead transform them into reality and explain what is possible.

Do they optimize graft survival?

How the grafts are handled after they have been harvested is extremely important. Depending on the way they are handled, the survival rate can be divided by 2! What matters is actually not how many grafts you get, but how many remain alive after the procedure.

If you cannot get a clear answer to those simple questions, choosing the cheapest ultra-low cost clinics can turn out to be very disappointing and ultimately more expensive as you will perhaps need go for a second round, with another clinic. Dr Civas is often asked to perform secondary FUE on patients who suffer from poor results. Unfortunately, the quantity of grafts candidates on your head is limited. Your health and well-being is also more important than money. If you want to have FUE surgery, we would advise to go with a surgeon with a good reputation, rather than a cheap clinic,If you find the cost of a good surgeon too high, we advise to put money aside for a year or two rather than running to a FUE factory to get immediate satisfaction  at the risk of being utterly disappointed a few years down the road.


Is it safe to fly to Turkey?

Given the geopolitics these days the terrorist risk is widespread everywhere as demonstrated by the events in Paris, Bruxelles, London, New-York, Orlando, Moscow, Istanbul and many other cities in the world. Because of the widespread terrorist threat Turkey is not less safe than any other country.

Because we are located in Ankara, we feel that the risk is close to zero here. Why? Although some parts of the old city are charming, there are practically no tourists in Ankara- they prefer to go to Capadoccia, a beautiful region a couple hundred kilometers away. It is worth noting that the US State Department recommends to exercise heightened vigilance and caution when visiting public access areas heavily frequented by tourists.

Similarly, the British Government’s site explains that it’s generally safe to travel but “you should take additional safety precautions. You should be alert to your surroundings and remain vigilant in crowded places popular with tourists”. Over 2,500,000 British nationals visit Turkey every year without any problem.

Because there are virtually no tourists in Ankara, the city is much safer than Istanbul. Furthermore, you do not need to get out of the airport in Istanbul: you transfer will occurr within the safe zone, well past security controls. After your arrival in Ankara we organize your transfer from the airport in a private shuttle.

Civas Clinic is located in a small building in a very calm residential area of the city, a few kilometers from the center, without any crowded area and far away from train stations, police or military stations and government installations. Your hotel is only a few hundred meters from the clinic. It feels almost like a village and there has never been any problem within our area. We feel safe here.

During the summer 2016 events which took place in Turkey, particularly in Ankara, Civas Clinic remained unaffected and continued to perform surgeries without any problem.

How many days do you need to stay in Turkey for the procedure?

The patient should arrive 1 day before the surgery for a comprehensive consultation session. The surgery happens the next day and takes a full day 8-10 hours from 08:00 to about 18:00. You cannot travel back the same day after the surgery; you need to have a post op consultation with the doctor the following day after surgery. In this session the doctor checks up the healing process of the patient, the nurses do the washing and afterwards, the doctor gives you detailed post op care instructions. You are free to travel back afterwards. Therefore, you need a total of at least 4 days; travel dates included.

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