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Dr. Civas Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey - Dr Civas MD, FISHRS (Fellow ISHRS); ABHRS certified FUE hair transplant specialist,16 years experience, over 3500 successful hair surgeries, ESHRS, IAHRS, AAHRS & EHRS member.

Welcome to the ISHRS Istanbul FUE Workshop taking place on 1st to 3rd April 2016

ISHRS FUE Istanbul Workshop 2016 2The ISHRS Istanbul FUE Workshop is an ISHRS organized workshop aimed at discussing and implementing the technical and practical aspects of FUE graft extraction technique. Live surgery demonstrations will take place to elaborate the important details involved in FUE. The main areas of focus will be manual and motorized FUE, body extraction, eyebrow implantation and mustache, beard implantation and long hair FUE. Registration has already started and limited spaces are available for booking.Dr Civas will fully participate in the program. On the first day (1st April), Dr. Civas will be participating both as a speaker on motorized FUE and Donor Area Calculation and Management. In the afternoon, Dr. Civas will carry out a practical session on Motorized FUE together with Dr. Şahinoğlu. On 2nd April, Dr Civas will give a talk on Hair loss Diagnosis, Cicatricial Alopecia and FUE. We take this opportunity to welcome all the FUE experts, aspiring FUE surgeons and assistants and other service providers in the field to attend this workshop. This is not an opportunity to be missed since there is so much to learn and share.

Dr. Ekrem Civas Becomes the First and Only ISHRS Fellow (FISHRS) Doctor in Turkey

CertificateFellow 2014 2015 CivasISHRS Fellow is a title that is designated to physicians who show an exceptional academic record in the field. To qualify, a physician must attain and maintain sufficient points in specified criteria e.g. leadership, scientific research and publications, training and ABHRS certification. Dr. Ekrem Civas, having constantly shown an exemplary scientific research track record; earned the Fellow ISHRS title in Sept 2015. Its a great privilege to be FISHRS as it is one of the highest ranks of excellence. Dr. Civas is currently the first and only FISHRS doctor in Turkey. Here is the list of all the FISHRS qualifying doctors in the whole world.

23rd ISHRS Annual Scientific Meeting - Dr Civas Gives a Presentation on Primary Cicatricial Alopecia

Dr Civas FISHRS 150912 4019 smallThe 23rd ISHRS annual meeting took place in Sept 8th to 13th in Hilton Chicago, İlinois USA. Hundreds of specialists in the field of hair transplantation were in attendance. The conference comprised of several lectures, debates, panel discussions, video surgery in high definition, workshops, symposia, scientific poster presentations and live surgery sessions.  Dr Civas' presentation was in the difficult cases category; about Primary Cicatricial Alopecia (PCA). He elaborated the rationality of hair transplantation in PCA; with findings from a research he had conducted on 8 patients. The talk generated a great interest and was followed by an intensive panel discussion on the challenges faced and the way forward. Attached is the presentation Surgical correction of primary cicatricial alopecia; is it rational?


Dr. Ekrem Civas is Selected to Present at  ISHRS 23rd Annual Meeting, Chicago 2015

Dr. Civas was among the few hair transplant specialists who have been selected to give a scientific talk in the 23rd ISHRS annual meeting that will take place in Chicago in September 2015. He will be giving a presentation in the difficult cases session; about the rationality of 'Surgical Correction of Primary Cicatricial Alopecia'. This will be a very challenging session which will be faced with a lot of scrutiny from other experts in the field. Dr. Civas has accepted this opportunity with these remarks; "I feel very honored to be have been given this chance to share my knowledge and experiences as well as learn from my colleagues all over the world."

detailed program 1  detailed program 15

 here is the detailed program

Patient's Reviews

Describe your stay in Ankara during the surgery; the pick-up, hotel, the hospitality in the clinic, did you have any problems? Arriving in Ankara, the transfer was fast and nice. After checking-in at the hotel, I visited the clinic and met Dr. Civas and the kind people working there, and got a clear idea about what was supposed to be the surgery .
How was the surgery? Did you feel any pain or discomfort? The surgery was the next day after arrival and I had no pain or discomfort.  I understood the process as explained previously and everything went well, as expected. 
During the post surgery period, how was the healing? Were there any complications? Did you get post surgery support from us? During the post surgery period I followed the treatment received from the clinic, avoided any mechanical severe contact and therefore had no complications.
How do you feel about the results? Are you satisfied? Is there anything we could do better?  The result is very good, I am fully satisfied . It is a dramatic improvement of my look . 
Could you give us a general review about the whole experience, with ratings 1-10? Considering all details related to my surgery, my rate is of 10 points.....
Tom, Romania

More on our patients reviews and testimonials:


  3000 grafts FUE by Dr Civas before 13000 grafts FUE by Dr Civas 9months 1a               3000 grafts FUE by Dr Civas before 43000 grafts FUE by Dr Civas 9months 4

Visit before and after pictures section to see our hair transplant results.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey, compared to Europe, UK, and USA 

Hair transplant prices vary by country; even in the same country different specialists quote different prices. The surgery costs a fortune in USA, and Europe; while in Middle East, Asia, and South America its more affordable. A lot of people abroad prefer to have the surgery in Turkey because its is more pocket friendly.  You can get the same quality services at almost 3 times less the price in turkey than in UK, USA or Europe. How much is hair transplantation?

Dr. Ekrem Civas

Dr. Ekrem Civas 4Dr. Ekrem Civas a dermatologist and  FUE hair transplantation specialist, is the founder of Civas Clinic in Ankara, Turkey. Since 1999 through his dedication and commitment in this field, Dr Civas has accomplished over 3500 successful FUE and FUT hair transplant surgeries, written 3 books, 24 articles and 21 scientific posters. He’s the first doctor in Turkey to be certified by the ABHRS. In September 2015, Dr. Civas qualified to be a Fellow ISHRS (FISHRS), which is an academic honor of excellence and expertise with regard to hair loss and transplantation. Read more about Dr. Civas

  Dr Ekrem Civas

Hair transplant in Turkey

Turkey is gaining popularity as a hair transplant destination; mainly because of the inexpensive cost as compared UK, USA and Europe. Furthermore, there are very many great surgeons in the field. Ankara has some of the best private, government and research hair restoration clinics and hospitals and is a more preferable city than Istanbul because it is safer and calmer and equally as modern and historic. Get more information about Medical Tourism of Hair Transplantation in Turkey