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Welcome to Civas Hair Transplant in Turkey, the best hair restoration center in Turkey. We diagnose and treat hair loss in men and women using the most advanced technology. In Civas Hair Transplant, hair transplant procedures are performed by a doctor.

dr. ekrem civas

Dr. Ekrem Civas

Dr. Civas is Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology. He is  Board Certified in Dermatology and a member of Fellows of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS).

He is also certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. He is the first doctor in Turkey to have obtained his FISHRS title by fulfilling the necessary requirements in the field of hair surgery. ISHRS (FISHRS) is an academic honor of excellence and expertise in the field of hair loss and transplantation.

With thousands of hair transplant surgeries performed since 1999 and dozens of scientific publications, Dr. Civas is one of the most respected and qualified hair transplant surgeons in the world.

Dr. Civas works with one patient a day and only 5 patients a week and he makes sure to be with his patients throughout the entire surgery.

Dr. Ümit Akpınar

Dr. Akpınar is a qualified dermatologist and specialist in Hair Transplant and Hair Loss. He graduated from the Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine (Eng) department in 2015 with a degree as a high honor student. In 2016, he became one of the six most successful doctors in Turkey during the Medical Specialty Exam by showing outstanding success.

dr umit akpinar civas hair transplant in turkey


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Hair Transplant In Turkey

It is not in our hands to be exposed to hair loss from a young age and this hair loss affects our lives badly. It is only in our hands to prevent hair loss and regain our hair. As Civas Hair Transplant, it is possible to obtain natural results with the surgical operation tools and devices. We are using state of art in the treatment of hair loss, as well as with our expert staff.

Although hair transplantation seems like a exhausting and difficult solution, the solution that is comprehensive and completely eliminates the problem will be the shortest solution.

Take a step now to see the image you want when you look in the mirror for the rest of your life! We are with you for your research and concerns for Hair transplant Journey. Do not miss the opportunities provided by our clinic within the framework of health tourism.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Pioneer hair transplant surgeon Assoc. Dr. Ekrem Civas’s adventure in Dermatology, which started in 2007, was crowned with the American Board certificate in hair surgery in 2011. He continued this process by being accepted to the Fellow category in the USA in 2015 and became the first doctor to win this title in two fields.

Our doctors, who approaches his patients by improving himself in the fields of dermatology and hair transplantation, and with the information that will still be a lesson in his procedures, proves his expertise.

You can take a look at our before and after photos to get information about the results of the surgery and natural hair transplantation. Best hair transplant clinic in Turkey goes through Civas Hair Transplant with expertise and experience. Stay with us!

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost 2023

Types of the hair transplantPrice range in Civas ClinicPrice Range in TurkeyPrice Range in the UKPrice Range in EuropePrice Range in America
FUE hair transplant2500 - 4800 euros1999 - 7500 euros4690 – 10090 euros3450 – 5850 euros11800 – 16900 dollars
DHI hair transplant3250 - 5200 euros2490 - 8500 euros10600 – 13090 euros5590 – 32000 euros10800 – 18300 dollars
Sapphire Fue hair transplant3000 - 5000 euros2199 - 7000 euros5750 – 14090 euros4900 – 8300 euros12900 – 17590 dollars
Women hair transplant3000 - 4500 euros2990 - 6000 euros5000 - 10500 euros3900 - 9000 euros11890 - 15000 dollars
Repair surgery2000 - 4500 euros1500 - 6000 euros4000 - 8590 euros2500 - 5000 euros6900 - 9000 dollars
FUT scar hair transplant1500 - 2500 euros1000 - 3500 euros2900 - 5900 euros2500 - 4500 euros3000 - 5000 dollars

Why Hair Transplant in Turkey

As with all cosmetic procedures in the world, the demand for hair transplantation is increasing day by day. Hair loss is common in both women and men. Different treatment methods are applied according to the type of hair loss, and hair surgery can offer effective solutions for advanced hair loss. Individuals who have hair loss problems should first consult a dermatologist.

Hair transplantation can be considered in cases where medical treatment is insufficient after detailed examinations and tests. Turkey is one of the leading centers of hair transplantation in the world. Thanks to both well-trained and experienced doctors, people from all over the world are served. The evaluation stage of the patient before hair transplantation is very important.

The surgical procedure should be decided after the patient’s age, expectations, spill pattern, and density of the donor area are evaluated. Donor area insufficiency is one of the biggest limiting factors in front of hair transplantation.

If the graft density in the donor area is less than 40 /cm2, hair surgery cannot be performed. If it is done, the donor area is damaged and permanent damage occurs. This condition is known as overharvesting. In addition, in individuals with sufficient donor, excessive graft intake may also cause overharvesting.

The most widely used hair transplant method all over the world is FUE. Civas Clinic frequently uses the Fue technique in the world and contributes to its development.

Mostly Asked Questions About Hair Transplant In Turkey

-Expertise in the field of hair transplantation
-How to approach your hair loss
-Whether there are different case experiences
-The number of the cases he has processed so far
-Specialist doctor (especially dermatologist)

Hairline design is one of the most critical steps of hair transplantation, which seems simple. Planning should be done taking into account the person’s hair loss type, head structure, and future hair loss areas. Necessary care must be taken for this situation, which requires complete expertise and experience. We achieve 100% natural results with the hairline design method we developed in Civas Clinic.

Hair transplantation process takes an average of 8 hours and is performed under local anesthesia. Since the applied local anesthesia technique and the doses of the drugs are a situation that requires a specialist, they must be done by a doctor.

During local anesthesia, a slight pain is felt, and no pain is felt in other parts. In addition, with the special anesthesia technique we apply in Civas Clinic, there is no pain and edema after the operation.

Surgical steps:
Channel opening; It is another critical point of hair transplantation. Collected grafts are placed in these channels. The density, distribution, direction and angle of the channels determine the result of hair transplantation.

Therefore, it must be done by experienced doctors. Opening the channels too often causes necrosis, opening them less often causes loss of density, opening them in the wrong direction causes hair to grow in different directions.</p?

During the collection of grafts, punches of different diameters and features are used. Mistakes to be made during this procedure may damage the grafts by causing transection. It must be done by an experienced team.

The implantation process is the last stage of hair transplantation. The collected grafts are placed one by one into the opened channels. During this process, it is necessary to be sensitive to avoid damaging the grafts. Traumatized grafts negatively affect the quality of the procedure.

As you can see, every step of hair transplantation is very important. It requires experience, expertise and expertise. Operations performed by unauthorized persons may cause permanent damage.

As Civas Clinic, all procedures are performed by our specialist doctors and experienced team. If you want to have a successful hair transplant in Turkey, you can contact us.

Hair transplant prices in Turkey vary. The prices of quality and doctor clinics are generally in the range of 250000-7500 euros. Illegal and unlicensed businesses operate at 1500 euro levels. However, such places carry serious risks for their patients.

As Civas clinic, our prices are in the range of 2500-4800 euros. Our packages also include airport transfer and accommodation. We are performing onlu one surgery in a day for Premium care . We are focusing all og our efforts on just one person.

Let’s start enhance your hair!

Sapphire hair transplant and DHI hair transplant are also FUE techniques. Sapphire blades are used during canal opening in Sapphire hair transplant. In DHI, the implantation process is performed using pens called choi implanter.

All hair surgery methods are used successfully in Civas clinic. Thus, we make a great contribution to the hair transplant turkey brand image.

Sleeping with a double pillow and a neck pillow on the day of the procedure; We recommend not to turn left or right.

Since the grafts in the recipient area are very sensitive, the first days after the procedure are very important. Injury to grafts and trauma should be avoided. From the 1st day, the hat can be used provided that it is loose.

Light sports such as walking and jogging can be started one week after the hair transplant surgery. At the end of 1 month, all kinds of sports activities can be done.

You can swim in the pool or sea 1 month after the procedure.

We recommend the use of topical antibiotics for 7 days for the donor area after hair surgery. Possible crusts are prevented by using saline spray for the recipient area. In addition, baby shampoo is used for washing for the first 10 days. Then it is switched to normal shampoo.

A safe area is used as a donor area in hair transplantation. In other words, hair that is genetically coded not to fall out. For this reason, it is not expected that the transplanted hair will be lost permanently. However, in the first 2 months, there is a temporary shedding in the transplanted hair. This situation is caused by the hair cycle and is a completely temporary process. Afterwards, the hair that grows again becomes permanent and does not fall out.

Temporary spills occur in the first 2 months after the surgical procedure. Then new hair grows. Satisfactory results are seen at the end of 6 months, but maximum results are seen at the end of the 1st year.

There is no need for such supplements after a hair transplant done in good and reliable hands. Studies have shown that the use of this type of product has no effect on the result. Therefore, its routine use is not recommended.

Turkey is one of the leading centers of health tourism all over the world because it is a safe country. Millions of people come to Turkey every year as part of health tourism and return to their countries with an excellent service. In addition, all these services are provided at more affordable prices compared to world standards.

Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya are the leading cities of health tourism in Turkey. Among these cities, Ankara stands out because it is the capital of the country. There are clinics where the latest technology is used in the city of Ankara, where all public institutions are located and where all country managers live. It is also one of the safest cities because it is the capital. As Civas Clinic, we serve our clients from all over the world in Ankara. We welcome everyone who thinks about Hair transplant Turkey and wants to get quality service to our clinic.

After the procedure, the use of saline spray, baby shampoo and topical antibiotics is sufficient. Our packages containing all these are given to our patients after the surgery. Topical antibiotic ointment should be used for 10 days for the donor area. Saline spray should be used for 1 week to the recipient area where the grafts are placed. In addition, washing the hair should be done with baby shampoo in the first week. Normal shampoo can be used afterwards.

Since the transplanted hair is taken from the safe donor area in hair transplantation, it is not expected to shed. However, medical treatments should be recommended for the protection of existing hair. Since the doctors in our clinic are also dermatologists, they make detailed evaluations and recommend the most appropriate treatment methods for the protection of existing hair.

Good results are obtained when treatment modalities such as minoxidil, finasteride, dutasteride, laser hat are recommended by selecting the appropriate and correct patient.

There is no need for any of these treatments after a quality hair transplant. Studies have shown that the application of such treatments does not affect the results of hair transplantation. Therefore, it is not recommended.

Transection is the damage that occurs in the transverse axis of the grafts during the collection of the grafts. If the graft is completely cut, it is called total trasection, and if a part of the graft is cut, it is called partial transection. The rate of damaged grafts in the collected grafts is called the transection rate. A high rate of this decreases graft survival. Therefore, surgical success decreases.

The use of punch suitable for the patient’s skin structure and the diameter of the hair follicles is extremely important in terms of reducing the transection rate. It is also important to have an experienced team. Processing parallel to the exit direction of the hair follicles reduces this rate. The punches used in hair surgery vary between 0.7-1 mm.

The use of very small punch increases the transection rate, while the use of too large causes significant damage to the donor area. The type of punch chosen is also important. There are different types of punches such as standard, serrated, trumpet. Thanks to the appropriate punch type, quality grafts can be obtained.

Unfortunately, illegal hair transplants are also common in Turkey. Since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, it must be performed by a doctor. Among doctors, people who have the authority to do this should do it. Doctors who have the authority to perform hair transplantation are Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons. For this reason, attention should be paid to this in the selection of doctors and clinics.

The best method in eyebrow transplantation is the method called DHI.

Yes, areas such as the chest and axilla can be used as donor sites in cases where the donor is insufficient. However, it should not be forgotten that the morphologies and cycles of the hairs in each region are different. Cosmetically, this situation should be planned by considering the profit and loss balance.

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