About Us

Dr. Ekrem Civas is a Dermatology and Dermatological surgery specialist and has been working in the field of hair surgery and hair diseases since 1999.

He became the first Turkish doctor to be awarded by the American Board Certificate (ABHRS) and to be selected in the FISHRS category of the International Hair Surgery Association.

He has many scientific articles published in the field of hair surgery. He has also made numerous scientific speeches and contributed to many national and international congresses in the field of hair surgery.

There are anesthesia, channel opening (incisions) and natural hairline determination techniques developed by him in hair transplantation. In this way, hair transplantation results are almost impossible to understand.

He has determined algorithms for hair transplantation with scar alopecia. He has worked on hair transplantation techniques for two different types of scarring alopecia. Especially with the longest-term patient follow-up performed in the treatment of primary scar alopecia, it has made very important contributions to determining the criteria for safe hair surgery.

In last years, he has focused on stem cells and other regenerative treatments in the early treatment of patients who are not suitable for hair transplantation.

Why Civas Hair Transplant

  • Completely painless anesthesia; with block anesthesia at several points instead of infiltration
  • Negligible transection rate by using special punches suitable for the skin structure of the patient
  • Minimum discomfort at post operation period with modified Civas Tumescent Solution
  • Natural hair directions with coronal recipient channels
  • Almost completely natural hairline result with Civas Hair Line Design Method
  • All operations are carried out by Dr. Civas himself
  • Admission of only one patient a day
dr. ekrem civas
dr. ekrem civas
dr. ekrem civas