Curriculum Vitae

Chronological Biography

Dr. Ekrem’s Chronological Biography


1987-1993 Medical School Education
1993-1996 Residency
1996-1999 Trained and qualified to practice Dermatology
1999 – Established Civas Clinic for Dermatology, Esthetic Dermatology and Hair transplant                2021-  Associate Professor of Dermatology



Hair Transplant
1999 Hair transplant training in Istanbul
1999 FUT hair transplant practice
2004 Hair transplant practice in Poznan, Stockholm and Barcelona
2006 – Hair transplant practice in New York
2006 – FUE hair transplant practice
2006 – Surgical treatment secondary cicatricial alopecia
2006 Surgical treatment primary cicatricial alopecia
2011 The first Doctor in Turkey to be ABHRS Certified
2013 Low level laser therapy for hair loss treatment
2015 The first Doctor in Turkey to attain Fellow ISHRS (FISHRS)
2016 Digital trichoscopy and digital dermatoscopy with Photofinder for diagnosis hair loss
2017 Microneedle treatment for Hair Loss
2018 ABHRS, Advanced Board Review Course lecturer
2019 Autologous hair stem cell therapies Madrid-Spain
2021 Adipose derived stem cell therapy for hair loss

dr. ekrem civas
dr. ekrem civas
dr. ekrem civas