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At What Age Is Hair Transplant Appropriate?

Question: I am 22 years old and I started losing my hair 3 years ago. My hair loss is genetic as my father and elder brother have hair loos too. Is it advisable for me to do a hair transplant now?

You are right, if your hair loss is genetic, you are more likely to lose more hair in the future. Lets say you do a hair transplant now, improve the density of your frontal hair, the temples and hairline. You will just look good for a few years before it catches up with you. In say 4-5 years when you are 29, the density of your frontal and crown hair will reduce, while the hairline and temples will remain permanently dense. You may have a chance to do another surgery at that time, since your donor hair might still be healthy. But think about it; the more you age, the more hair you lose, resulting in unnaturally distributed hair, thus the more you will crave for more hair transplants until you might no longer have sufficient donor area. So, to avoid being caught up in this chain, its better to wait until you are about 27-30, when your hair loss pattern will be stable, and you are no-longer losing more hair. At that time, a permanent donor hair can be selected and a realistic hair transplant plan can be done catering for your future hair loss.Then you can do the hair transplant surgery. As of now, you should greatly consider maintaining your existing hair, and preventing further hair loss. You need to see a hair loss specialist, who should prescribe medication like finasteride, minoxidil, rogaine, propecia accordingly that will help maintain your existing hair.

The main reasons why patients should not have a hair transplant in their early 20s is first their unrealistic expectations at that time. At that time, they want to have dense frontal hair and hairline. With this greed, they demand lots of grafts to be transplanted, not considering the future. Eventually, they end up not having enough donor hair for the future to correct the unnatural looking appearance with further hair loss. Secondly, since their hair loss has not matured yet, the probability of selecting a fully stable donor area is low. That leaves a likelihood of some of the transplanted hair to be lost too if the donor hair was not precisely well selected.

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