Civas Hair Transplant Turkey

Civas Hair Transplant Turkey

Dr. Ekrem Civas is a dermatologist and one of the leading surgeons for hair transplant in Turkey. At Civas hair transplant clinic, we aim to restore the natural look of our patients through our accomplished FUE hair transplantation expertise. Additionally, we perform FUT  hair transplant, hair loss treatment, facial hair transplants e.g. eye brow and beard reconstructionscar revision, alopecia treatment, Afro hair transplant and hair transplant repair.

The hair surgery team consists of 5 members; Dr. Ekrem Civas and 4 international medical experts who have been working together for the last 21 years since 1999. Our head surgeon; Dr. Ekrem Civas is highly skilled in this field, having over 20 years of experience, performed over 5000 successful hair transplantation surgeries. Moreover, he earned the Fellow ISHRS (FISHRS) title, through his continuous scientific research in cicatricial alopecia. In addition, he is certified by the leading hair surgery accreditation institutions in the world; the American Board (ABHRS) (was the first doctor performing hair transplant in Turkey to be certified by ABHRS), International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgery (IAHRS), European Society Hair restoration Surgery(ESHRS), Asian Association (AAHRS), The European Hair Research Society (EHRS) and International Society (ISHRS) of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Initially, Dr. Ekrem Civas served in Ankara Numune Research Hospital for years, before establishing Civas Clinic in 1999. The rest of the team consists of well trained medical technicians and nurses who have mastered their respective skills in their over 20 year’s experience.

Why hair Transplant in Turkey?

Currently, Turkey is the main destination for medical tourism of hair restoration surgery. In fact, Turkey has the most affordable for hair transplant cost in the world. For this reason, Turkey attracts a lot of hair loss patients throughout the world. Presently, there are very many centres doing hair transplant in Turkey with a wide range in price difference. However, Turkey has various internationally well known qualified hair surgery specialists; as well as other cheaper hair transplantoptions. Therefore, patients have a chance to choose an option that is within their price limits; as compared to UK and USA where all hair transplant centres are expensive.

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Fortunately, the location of the country is very strategic; Turkey is easily accessible from any continent as it connects Europe, Africa and Asia. One can easily combine a holiday and surgery in one trip; Turkey is rich in historical and natural attractions. Some of the seaside destinations are Antalya, Alanya, Kaş and Kalkan, Bodrum, Çeşme, and Amasra; Kapadokya for natural attractions, hiking and hot air balloons, and Istanbul for historical attractions and night life.

Civas Hair Restoration Center Location

Our centre is located Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. Luckily this is the safest city in our country as it is mainly an administrative, education and government agencies city. Ankara is also an Anatolian historical city, there are various historical sites and museum. The hair transplant centre is strategically located in Gaziosmanpaşa; one of the safest areas in Ankara; where most embassies and international organisations are located. Close to the centre there are shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and pubs and parks where you can take long walks. On the same street, we have lots of government, private and university hospitals.

Foreign Patients Care at Civas Clinic

Proudly, we have a very capable team in charge of foreign patients that ensures you have a pleasant stay in Turkey. When you first contact us, we answer all your questions and then set up your appointment. Conveniently English is our preferred language but we also have some multilingual staff who can speak in Russian, French, Arabic and German. On your arrival, the driver will pick you and take you to the hotel if its past working hours; or to the clinic where you will personally meet Dr. Civas and discuss all details of the surgery.

In conclusion, you should be at the centre on the surgery date at 08:15; the surgery starts at about 08:30 and ends at 17:30-18:30. The surgery will be performed under local anaesthesia therefore you will feel no pain. Dr. Civas is there throughout the surgery; as he is in charge of the whole surgery. For your convenience, you will be provided with all meals during surgery and transportation back to the hotel. The next day, you are required to come for check up, bandage removal, washing and post-op care. At Civas Hair transplant in Turkey, we every patient is treated uniquely. We focus on satisfying your needs by bringing out 100% natural, realistic and most desirable appearance.