Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

A Comparison of hair transplant prices in Turkey vs Europe, UK, USA.

Baldness problems are common around world; however the costs of restoration vary in different countries; most patients prefer to take the hair transplant surgeries in Turkey because it is more affordable. The prices are much cheaper in Turkey as compared to UK, USA and Europe yet the surgeries are even more successful. The cost of the surgery depend on factors like the number of grafts (Follicular Units) the patient needs, the desired results, extent of the hair loss, the hair characteristics and the nature of the problem; for instance scalp hair transplant, beard restoration, eyebrow and scar revision cases have different costs all together. In order to find out how much your surgery would cost, you must send your details in the online consultation form, then the doctor can estimate the price by evaluating the photos.

In Civas clinic, we offer successful and natural hair transplants at very affordable costs. Our medical team and technicians are highly qualified with more than 10 years experience together and we maintain very high international standards. As much as the price is quoted case by case, a general price is stated below for your own estimation. However, for specific cases such as beard restoration, scar revision cases on the eyebrow hair transplant or scalp as a result of trauma, congenital or burn, quotation is made after initial consultation.

Scalp Hair Implant Cost

Price per graft 2€

Note: For less than 2000 grafts, the minimum cost of 3500€ applies.

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Facial Hair restoration Cost

  • Eyebrow Restoration: 2500€
  • Full Beard Restoration: From 3500€ (2000 grafts)
  • Full Moustache Restoration: 3000€

Note: For less than 1000 grafts, the minimum cost of 2500€ applies.

Scar Revision Cost

  • Scar Revision: Price established after consultation and examination
  • Primary Cicatricial Alopecia: Price established after consultation and examination

For more information about discount, please refer to this page Hair transplant Turkey discount

Our Clinic offers 60% better prices than Europe, UK and USA. As you notice per graft prices in Europe cost 2-5€ per graft or more. In the USA, prices of services equivalent to ours offer up to 10$ per graft. High cost does not necessarily guarantee success of the surgery. Our clinic offers better quality service with state of the art technology and intelligence approved by international hair restoration institutions. Patients who are interested could review the biography of Dr Civas. It is important to stress that other than graft pricing operation fees such as anesthesia or extra medication should be kept in mind.

To know the number of grafts needed, visit the online consultation section and then get more information on why you should choose Civas Clinic


  • The Package includes 2 way airport transfers and 3 nights’ accommodation at 4 star hotel located close to the health hub in Ankara (, (
  •  Other advantages of the package are pre-op free online consultation, face to face consultation with Dr. Civas, medication, post-op care and advice, 1 year post op follow up, excellent patient care and hospitality.
  • No booking deposit charges and other additional costs, all charges are payable during the surgery date.
  • You can pay by cash or credit card, however there’s an additional tax charged when paying by credit card.
  • The costs apply for both FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures