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After Hair Transplantation Surgery

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After Hair Transplant Surgery

Precautions to Observe After Hair Transplant

  • The night after the hair transplant and the next 5 nights you are required to sleep on two pillows to keep your head elevated.
  • Take the painkillers provided in case you feel pain in the donor area.
  • Take the antibiotics as prescribed to protect against infection.
  • The next morning after a hair transplant, the bandage will be removed in the clinic and you will be fully instructed with the post-op care process.
  • For the initial healing process, shampooing/hair wash will be demonstrated.
  • On the second day after hair transplant, you are required to begin washing your hair in the morning or evening as demonstrated in the clinic.
  • You should avoid alcohol for three days after hair transplant and avoid smoking for two weeks as this adversely affects healing and graft survival.
  • For 3 months after a hair transplant procedure, whenever you are in strong sunlight for over 30 minutes, cover your head with a cap or hat to protect it from the sun.
  • Most patients are able to resume daily routine in one or two days after the procedure.
  • Limited exercise activities like walking can be done in the first week. Avoid strenuous exercise for 2 weeks after hair transplant surgery.
  • Keep in contact with our patient coordinator every month and send your pictures for progress monitoring. Use email, Whatsapp or direct call.

What to Expect After Hair Transplant Surgery

Week 1

1 week after hair transplant, patients may experience bleeding, soreness on the donor area, tightness of the scalp and numbness of the transplanted area. Swelling of the forehead, around the eyes and occurs in most patients the first 5 days. Dr Civas uses high-quality solution that minimizes swelling by around 50% less. Scabs eventually form around the transplanted grafts; 7 days later the scabs begin to fall off.

Week 2-3

The scalp heals as scabs completely fall off. Transplanted follicles are permanently in place but the transplanted hairs become detached to the follicle and start shedding off. Patients can experience pain in the donor area and uncomfortable itchiness as the nerves heal. We provide medication for this.

1-2 Months

Patients experience shock loss as the transplanted hair falls off. Some patients observe patchy hair loss in areas that were not transplanted. This may confuse you but it is normal. The follicles enter a resting phase so no new hair growth is observed. Redness is still visible but gradually fades.

2-3 Months

Fine hair begins to grow, patients observe pimples due to ingrown hair. Redness gradually fades.

4-6 Months

Most patients experience different levels of hair growth. At 4 months, you can observe mild improvement in density and patchy hair growth. There is an improvement in appearance as the hairline shapes up. By 6 months, 60% of the transplanted hairs are grown. There is a big improvement in coverage, density, length and thickness.

7-10 Months

Patients can see 70%-90% results of the hair transplant. They can now style their hair in different ways. Consultation is advised at this point to review the before-after result. Some patients observe hair loss at this point because some of the transplanted hair goes into resting phase (telogen). If you observe this, you should not worry, this is only temporary hair shedding and the transplanted hair will grow back again after 2 months.

1 year

100% results. Hair is fully grown and it is normal in texture thickness and density.

Note: In all these growth stages, the patient is advised to send us his/her photos to monitor their progress.

Update Date: 20.08.2023
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