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Importance of the Doctor Consultation in Hair Transplant Day

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Importance of the Doctor Consultation in Hair Transplant Day

Doctor's Examination on Hair Transplant Day

Patients are usually excited and a little worried on the morning of hair transplant day. In the light of the knowledge we have gained from twenty years of experience and thousands of patient experiences, the most common concerns/fears are as follows:

  • Pain and needle phobia: It is one of the most common sources of anxiety in hair transplant patients.
  • Complications that may occur in the early period after hair transplantation and concern for environmental reactions.
  • Fear of whether the result that will occur after hair transplantation will be natural or not.
  • Fear of whether the transplanted hair will be permanent in the long term.

Needle phobia is a condition encountered in a very important part of society. The dialogue and atmosphere of trust established with the patient before the hair transplant can easily eliminate this situation.

The most important complication that may occur in the early period after hair transplantation is infection. The scalp has rich vascular supply and the probability of infection is very low. A hair transplant room, where only hair transplantation is performed and other surgical procedures are not performed, and the use of sterile and disposable instruments are very important in reducing the risk of infection. In addition, the risk of infection is minimized with the use of prophylactic antibiotics.

Obtaining a natural hair transplant result is related to the experience, knowledge and skills of the doctor and the hair transplant team. The best and natural result can be obtained by evaluating the patient’s current situation, future projection, donor, and the size of the open area and also together with the patient’s expectation.

Just before the hair transplant procedure, the doctor informs the patient in detail about the planning, which will relieve the patient and make the surgical procedure more comfortable. Hair transplantation is a complex, aesthetic and surgical procedure. The patient’s desire for simple graft distribution and planning may be far from creating the ideal result for him. It may even spoil the natural and aesthetic result. By listening to the patient and taking into account their wishes, one should try to persuade them to do what is reasonable. Because the main goal is to create the best result for patients.

In Civas Hair Restoration Center which is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey, we have been doing this for years and we achieve the best and most natural results for patients.

Update Date: 19.08.2023
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