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The Importance of The Hairline For a Natural Look

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The Importance of The Hairline For a Natural Look

Artistic Approach by Civas Clinic Doctor’s Recipient Design

Civas Clinic doctors who are best hair transplant surgeons personally designs and works on the patient’s hair to bring out a natural solution that perfectly matches their facial features. Priority is always given to bringing out a natural appearance other than uniform coverage of the whole balding area.

The hairline is considered to be covered with full natural density to enhance our patient’s appearance and facial frame.

Hairline Design

A hair transplant is a lifelong procedure; therefore it is very critical that it looks natural. The way to a natural looking hair transplant is good hairline design. Designing and planning is the most important part of the hair transplant process at the Civas Hair Transplant that ise best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

When you come in for the surgery, Dr. Civas after discussing with each patient the best possible options, does the planning and designs your hairline.

Incision Sites is the most important part of the surgery.

It is where all the planning and designing is involved in terms of:

  • Where will all 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s grafts be placed?
  • What’s the density on the hairline right behind the hairline, frontal and crown area?
  • How will these grafts be distributed to give the best natural results?
  • What angles are the grafts placed to make the results look natural; the right size of incision?
  • Where is the 1s-4s grafts perfectly fit to avoid scarring?

If you want good quality work and a personalised experience, Civas Hair Transplant is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey to go.

Update Date: 19.08.2023
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