Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplant surgery permanently reconstructs eyebrows almost back to their natural look. However, this procedure is very delicate and requires a lot of attention and precision, especially graft placement angle and density.


Eyebrow transplant candidates
  • Men and women who genetically have no or very few eyebrows
  • Women with over plucked eyebrows, tattooed eyebrows
  • Men and women with scars on eyebrows caused by burns, accidents or surgery
  • Women affected by thyroid diseases that cause eyebrow hair loss
  • Men and women who want to shape or fill their eyebrows for an aesthetic look
How does the eyebrow transplant work?

Similar to hair and beard transplant, grafts of hair are transplanted from the donor area at the back of the head. Tiny incision sites are made along the eyebrow area, carefully enough to maintain the patient’s natural eyebrow look. The extracted grafts are then delicately implanted into the incision sites. The size, the shape, the density and angle of placement of the grafts for eyebrow transplant matters a lot and differ from patient to patient. For example, female and male patients have different eye brow structure. Male patients tend to have thicker, wider and less curved brow, while females have a thinner and more curved brow. Caution must also be taken on factors like ethnicity since some races have thicker brows than others. The number of grafts transplanted depends on the patient’s appearance; on average however, 100-150 grafts on each brow are a good rough estimate. Grafts are carefully selected with regards to thickness and color; only 1s grafts are transplanted on the eyebrows to maintain the natural fineness. Eyebrow transplant is done by the FUE technique.


Does the eyebrow transplant surgery hurt?

No, the procedure is done under local anesthesia, so it is painless


How long does eyebrow transplant procedure take?

It takes about 2-3 hours for the eyebrow surgery to complete.


How do you take care of freshly transplanted eyebrows?
  • Do not touch the transplanted eyebrows the first day after surgery
  • For the first week when washing your face, pat the transplanted area lightly with water or gently wipe with a wet finger in the direction of the transplanted grafts
  • Do not go directly under the shower as the pressure of the water may dislodge the grafts
  • You can resume washing your face normally after 10 days
How long does it take for the eyebrow transplant to heal?
  • Scabs will form within the first few days after surgery when the skin starts healing
  • The scabs will start falling off after 1 week. Do not scratch them off, instead just let them fall off naturally
  • For a few weeks, redness the transplanted area fades off
When do the transplanted eyebrows start growing?

The transplanted brows start growing after 2 months, and steadily improve in density with time.


When do you see the final results of the eyebrow transplant?

The results are best seen after 6-8 months since this is the time where most transplanted brows have grown. Full results will be seen after 1 year


Does eyebrow transplant look natural?

If the doctor is well experienced and skilled in eyebrow surgery, the results will completely blend with the patients face and will look natural. However, frequent trimming of the eyebrows is required as they could grow longer than the normal eyebrows.


Are the transplanted eyebrows permanent?

Yes, the transplanted eyebrows last a lifetime


Eyebrow transplant in Turkey

Dr. Civas has perfected the art of designing eyebrows by putting into consideration the patient’s facial features, resulting in a natural look that is undetectable. He is keen in creating the direction and angle of the recipient sites that mimic the natural anatomy of eyebrows.


How much does the eyebrow transplant surgery cost?

The eyebrow transplant costs 2000€

Eyebrow Transplant candidate- Male Genetic Hair Loss


Eyebrow Transplant Design- Female


Eyebrow Transplant After - Female


Eyebrow Transplant candidate- Male Scar


Eyebrow Transplant Before - Female