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The basic answer to this question lies on the patient’s concerns. Most patients are scared of having a visible linear scar, others are scared of shaving off all the hair.

FUT and FUE are equally effective depending on the physician handling the case. There is no better or worse method. The patient needs to think about issues like if he/she minds having a scar depending on whether they want to wear their hair short or not, if they are fine with shaving or not. Another aspect to consider is the healing of the donor area; FUE patients heal faster since the method is less invasive.

The number of grafts that can be extracted in my opinion does not depend on the method; both FUE and FUT can harvest equally sufficient grafts.

On the overall outlook of the result, there is no difference in FUT and FUE since the result completely depends on the skill of the physician in creating recipient sites that would mimic the natural hair growth; and is completely independent of the harvesting technique.

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