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Get the Best Treatment for Your Hair in Turkey

Civas Hair Transplant ise best hair transplant clinic in Turkey was established by MD Ekrem Civas in 1999. With thousands of hair transplant surgeries performed since then, Dr Civas has been one of the most respected hair surgeons in the world.

He is one of the pioneering hair transplant surgeons in Turkey – one of the first to master the hair transplant procedure in Turkey. Before any doctors knew about hair transplant, he was already certified by ISHRS and ABHRS; first in Turkey.

He has developed the clinic with a highly skilled team of two leading hair transplant specialists (university graduate trained nurses), and a medical assistant; all fully trained and specialized for hair transplant. He has been working with the same team since 1999.

As Civas Hair Transplant we focus on only one patient a day in order to achieve the best results possible and Dr. Civas does the majority of the procedure. Hair surgery is a complex procedure which requires a lot of skills and training, but it is also an art because each hairline, each hair implantation, each type of skin, each patient is different.

If you want good quality work and a personalized experience, Civas Hair Transplant is the way to go!

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