Hair Transplant Reviews

Thank you for your email , it was lovely to meet you and the rest of the team. Dr Civas is a lovely man and I would like to thank him for all the work he has done for me, and for his patience, i will keep you updated every month with a email.The hair on the transplanted area is starting to grow already so i am surprised it was so quick to start growing. Can you also thank Dr Civas for the birthday cake he sent to our hotel it was lovely, I only had a little piece as i don’t eat sweet things, but my wife loved it
so thank you. I have enclosed photos of the cake…

Paul, UK

Firstly I am very sorry for the length of time that it has taken for me to write to you…it is my testimonial for your fantastic service.
“I looked in to having an FUE transplant on google and Civas clinic appeared on my search. I sent an email to enquire and received a reply from Gonca who provided answers to all my questions. I did a lot of research into Dr Ekrem Civas and was extremely impressed with his CV. I booked my flights and before I knew it I was flying out to Ankara. Civas clinic arranged a driver to collect me from the airport and also booked my hotel in a great location in Ankara. I had a consultation with Dr Civas who explained to me the procedure. The following day I was in for my surgery and was anaesthetised as to not feel a thing! I was even able to have a nap whilst they operated! After surgery Gonca arranged for a taxi to collect me and I went back to the hotel with a full list of instructions to ensure a successful transplant. The following day I returned to Civas clinic for my first wash and final goodbye to all at Civas clinic. I returned to the UK the following morning. My recovery went according to plan and Gonca kept in touch to see how I was getting on. Any questions I had Gonca and Dr Civas responded very quickly and 16 months after the transplant I can say that I am absolutely delighted with the results. The results are unbelievably natural and it has given me more confidence. In summary I would like to say a massive thank you to all at Civas cinic especially Gonca and Dr Civas. You have changed my life. I couldn’t recommend you highly enough and in a few years if I need another transplant I wouldn’t look anywhere else. And it would be great to see you again as you have been so good to me! Thank you for everything I wish you all the best. ”

I also enclose a photo of myself from September 2013 Emoji
Thank you and kind regards

Chris x

This is Alex from Italy, we met at Medica office in Dec 2012 when I just had my hair transplantation in Poland and then recently at AMWC 2014 in Monaco. The reason why I have never sent you the address of the Polish doctor who did my previous transplantation is that I had the intention to get a new one with the newest technology called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and I couldn’t even tell you even in Monaco because my boss was there… So 2 weeks ago I went to Ankara, Turkey to get the surgery done by Dr. Ekrem Civas who is a pioneer of hair transplantation, one of the most famous worlwide and he also wrote books and published articles about the different tecniques. It’s enough to google his name to discover who he is…The recommendation was thru my Turkish distributor who is a good friend of Dr. Civas. Anyway, apart from being a great person humanly talking, he is great with the surgery, he has a great experience together with his team, so there are other 2 doctors working with him with more than 15 years of experience. The clinic is very nice and also in a nice area of Ankara, 30/45 minutes far from the airport and close to nice hotels so I highly recommend you to send your patients for hair transplantation there. I did it on the 6th of May and I had no pain and no discomfort during and after the session even the first night was fine without any problem. Then I have to tell you that Doctor Civas is very cooperative so he’s explaining you everything in details and he is also personally taking care of the donor and transplanted area the 2 days after the procedure, washing the head and applying the cream on the donor area. One more thing very important: Dr. Civas is also great to design the new hair line to hide eventual previous mistakes, like in my case, and to make it real, so only careful eyes can detect the transplantation. I have seen many before/after pictures really amazing! Now, 2 weeks after, I can already see all the new hairs growing and it’s really exciting for me, even though I will see the final results in Dec 2014/Jan 2015, 8 months later.


So I have done my 2nd hair transplantation (FUE method) one month ago.I can not tell a lot for the result, because the growth and thickness of the new hair will be visible some months later, But with my experience of the first hair transplantation , I can compare both of them, and i think that The Dr. EKREM CIVAS and his team have well done a 5 stars treatment with 2800 grafts. Also the front hair line was designed with extra care, so that looks like as natural hair.I can almost count the number of grafts .They seems to be double quantity as that was given my 1st hair transplantation 1200 grafts (FUT method in another clinic).
I think that the people at the Civas Clinic sincerely they try to give a result over the expectations. They are friendly and disposed to explain any possible question that can you ask. Transfer and accommodation everything all right arranged by the clinic.The transplantation price in according to my search for the right clinic, I think that is in the middle,( compared with some other clinics of turkey) and if you think that you have a 5 stars treatment of course worth of it. About the location: if you stay at the SHERATON hotel Ankara, is near of the clinic.If you prefer to stay in the center of the city , except taxi, the 112 and 114 bus drive you direct to the clinic. I would like to write some months later one more report relative with the successful of the operation when my new hair are grown up, but that can wait a little bit. Until then I can suggest you the Civas Clinic, with the Dr. Ekrem and his specialized medical team only for hair transplantation as a really good choice !!!

Timotheos, Bonn, Germany.

I have just arrived back from having a hair transplant at civas clinic Ankara. From the moment I arrived at clinic I knew I made the best choice. The staff are warm and welcoming and do everything to make sure your surgery and stay is the best it can be. Dr civas is a top class hair transplant surgeon and the surgery by the doctor and his assistants was done to the highest standard you could ask for. This was my second hair transplant, my first transplant at another clinic did not turn out well. I received 1800 grafts this time to enhance my hairline and make correction to my previous hair transplant. I am very happy with my new hairline and highly recommend civas clinic for hair transplant, although you pay much less than if you have surgery in the UK the standard is not compromised and I would say even better than the UK. thank you civas clinic

Massimo, Birmingham UK.

Thank you Doctor for everything you have done with me. You are such a very good instance of the honest physician. You treat your patients like family members. Any one choose your clinic will be in good hands

Hisham, Abudhabi.

With this letter I want to thank Civas Clinic for a super-professional attitude, I can only say that I strongly recommend their treatment. I’ve made a hair transplatation with graft method with good results. The information was clear, safe and well, they are kind and caring in a professional way, very clean and modern environment. Everything is done with excellent planning. I have been informed step by step and have felt fully secure. The doctor and the nurses are experienced in their specialities and constantly asking if you feel well during the surgery, after treatment is well informed. All the staff speak English and there are no problems with communication. They also offer information on attractions, restoring and how to best find in ankara. my best thanks to Civas Clinic

Angra ändringarna Sweden.

I’m very pleased for the surgery. 2950 transplanted in 8 hours, 5 juices and 1 lunch. Better then in a hotel!! Dr. Ekrem Civas is highly competent and with his team performed a good job. The same day I had a dinner outside with my girlfriend an I had no problem. Now after 1 month all seems fine and I’m waiting for my new hair. Thank you Dr. Ekrem Ps: Gonca (Patients coordinator) is a very friendliness person and welcomes you as if you were at home.

Matteo – Italy

I had worries that I was going to meet my expectations. Following a successful hair transplantation, now I feel more self-confident. Thanks alot to Civas Clinic staff.

Andre, New Jersey-USA

Biz Azərbaycandan tövsiyə üstünə bu klinikaya tedavi üçün gəlmişix. Operasiyadan gabax bütün prosessnan ələgələ məlumatı almışıx. Əməliyattan gabax ne eləməx lazımdı, əmiliyattan sonra ne eləməx lazımdı dəgig olarax bilinirdi. Bütün suallarımıza dəgig cavaplar almışıx. Vaxtında başdayan və bitən əməliyatta heç bir komplikasiya olmadı və heç bir ağrı hisseləmədik. Doktorlardan ve bütün personaldan çox memnun galmışıx. Özelliynən çox savadlı və professional həkimimiz Ekrem Civaş’a minnəttarlağımızı bildiririx. Ayrıca bütün personala profesionalizmi ve əlagadarliği üçün çok tesekkür edirix.


Doktori shumimir shum let shfestern shum net mikpritza shumninel ve spital ike krejt te mirat shfestarn shum te nimojn pertegjitha shoetsimet shka ike. Un ekam ba operacjonin me te 08/07/09 ne Ankara Ne opera cjoni ge ekam ba une deri ne ket moment kam kalu shum mir deri tashi skapas kurr far problemi etash etutje nu kedi se shkandodh.

JK, Albania

Ifeel completely satisfied

Well,one year ago i was just visitor just reading about other people experience and searching for doctor i can trust ,of course i find many and many doctors in turkey and they were cheaper than doc civas but in some day i red just sentience changed everything “you a limited grafts so use it as well as you can” then i choose doc civas ,absolutely i was fraid and pessimistic even after the surgery but after month by month I figured that everything doc civas said came true and after 5 months i feel completely satisfied and completely different and full of thankful to god that makes me choose dr civas ,,. Thanks alot

Mohammed, Egypt

Please see my hair transplant review of Civas Hair Clinic, hope this helps:

I am a 32 year old female who has been suffering with Traction alopecia for more than 10 years. After making the decision to take the HT route one year ago, the next (and most important) step was to choose which clinic.

If you have been doing the same thing as I was for over a year, you have been searching the internet forums and websites trying to find the best Doctor, within reason as I do not have ‘Wayne Rooney money’ to spend!! And being a female, it was more difficult to find stories like this as its more embarrassing for us girls, which is why I had to write a review from my experience.

Emails were sent to and from me to various clinics (trust me – there were a lot!!) including pictures for quotes. Many were trying to sell me the FUE method when I was requesting FUT, because as a female, having large areas to fill and not willing to shave my whole head (a requirement for FUE) this was not an option for me.

From the first email, Civas Hair Clinic called me on the phone almost immediately, gave me a personal evaluation, whereas most of the other clinics had sent what looked almost like a system generated email, just changing the name and price quote. Patricia the Coordinator was amazing from start to finish, answered all my questions and was available when I had more to ask, even Dr Ekrem Civas called me himself!!

Doing some more research on Dr Civas, I found he is the only Doctor in Turkey who is registered on the American Board of Hair Restoration and he has been performing these procedures for more than 15 years, having more than 2500 patients.

Patricia booked the date for me, was one of the only places not to ask me for a deposit upfront, and booked me a few nights in the hotel. The only thing I had to send her was the flight details so they knew when to pick me up at the airport and to confirm I was definitely coming!! She even booked me extra nights in the hotel as my flight home was cheaper if I flew later!!

I arrived the day before my op with my husband and was met by the driver who took us straight to the hotel, just stopping outside the clinic briefly so I knew where it was for the next day.

The morning of my op I spoke with Dr Ekrem in person for the first time. He is very nice as well as a complete professional. I felt completely at ease and confident he could produce the result I wanted.

The procedure was straightforward, pretty much exactly what I imagined. The medicine was minimal, ( which is great as i do not like taking anything like that) just enough for me to be at ease and feel no pain. I actually slept through most of the planting process!!

Dr Civas provided me with everything I needed and might need for my recovery and for the next few months, as well as giving me detailed step by step instructions on paper, which he read through with me. He was available for any questions I might have, providing me with personal phone numbers in case I needed anything, even with the hotel being right around the corner from the clinic. He even bought me a kebab from his favourite place for me to have after my operation!!

The day after I returned to the clinic for the first shampoo, where they showed me what to do for the next few days. They even shampooed my hair the next day as well, I was spoilt!!

Before we left for the airport to return home, Patricia surprised me with a lovely gift of a photo frame to put pictures of me with my new hair!! I was overwhelmed, I wasn’t expecting that at all, what a nice touch.

Three weeks on and everything has gone exactly as Dr Civas explained. I cannot express how impressed I have been with the service at Civas Clinic and encourage anyone who is in the same position as me to look no further. You will be treated as a complete individual and you should have full confidence at the professionalism of the entire team.

Now I am just waiting patiently (or as patient as i can be!!) to see the end results!!

Thank you to everyone at Civas for their fantastic hospitality!!

baldtruthtalk; Leanne – Ireland

Dr Civas and F.U.E Team involved in my procedure, I would like to say a very big thank you, for all your kindness and professionalism. Right from the outset, before I decided to go ahead with my operation, you explained the procedure and answered all my questions and concerns honestly and quickly. I felt quite embarrassed and ashamed about my bald patches but you were considerate and very understanding when I explained my situation. I was treated with kindness and empathy right from the start of our consultation. We agreed a date for the operation, but unfortunately, due to work commitments, I had to return to England sooner than I had originally planned. However, you kindly moved my operation forward to fit in with my schedule. You were always on hand to answer any questions I had. On the day of the operation, I was worried about my procedure but you put me at ease and everything went smoothly. I was really happy that you communicated with me continuously throughout. I was surprised at how quick and painless the procedure was. This was due to your stringent application of local anesthetic. You told me that the procedure would be 100% pain free and it was! My aftercare was excellent! Before I left your clinic, I was given everything to ensure I remained pain free and antibiotics to remain infection free. You called me to make sure that I was recovering well and you also told me to ring the office anytime I wanted. I returned to the clinic, the next day for my first hair wash, I want to say thanks to all your team who were always very kind, considerate and caring. Your all so good at what you do and very positive!!! I am now 19 days post-op and very pleased with the results so far. In fact, the results have exceeded my expectations. I know it is still early days but the grafts look great!!! I will highly recommend Dr Civas and his brilliant team, to anyone wishing to have this procedure. If I had to do this procedure again I would come back to Dr Civas and I would not change a thing because my experience has been first class!!! Thanks again! :)) xx

Donna G, UK.

Dr Civas and his experienced team preformed a 2000 unit graft FUE hair transplantation on me. When this is written, it will take many months before the result of the transplantation can be evaluated. The statement below only addresses the operation and the treatment that was given to me by Civas Clinic. The clinic arranged transportation to and from the airport and a very suitable hotel. My impression is that the clink really made an effort to make my stay in Ankara as pleasant as possible. Different shopping centers, museums and restaurants were suggested. Transportation could be arranged if requested. I was very pleased with the service level. Dr Civas and the surgical team perform the operation during one day. As a patient I really felt a great caring for my wellbeing during the operation, which I appreciated a lot. My impression is that the surgical team was very experienced, and worked very efficient during the operation. I am very pleased with the operation. No additional charges were added to the initial cost approximation that was given to me by the clinic weeks before the operation. My post operation pain and problems were minimal. To conclude, I would like to state my strong recommendation for Civas Clinic

P, Turkey.

I am very pleased with my treatment. I highly recommend this clinic.

Limsa, Denmark

Must say everything went real smooth! All the people in the clinic were much nicer than in the hotel!!! Not to mention breakfast on arrival, lunch in between the op and complimentary dinner from Dr Civas. 1st class. Everything well explained before and after procedure. Gave me print out to sightseeing Ankara. Also one of procedure nurses was Russian and since i’m too, was very nice to have a chat over what i’d call a rather long operation. It’s been two weeks today since the op and it all nearly forgotten now!!! Just waiting for new hair to grow where it should 🙂 Overall 10 out of 10!!! Highly recommend Dr. Civas and his team!!!

Leitix, London

“the results were as expected and the transplant area clearly showed growth of transplanted hair. All in all it was just as the doctor said.” Treatment went really well, the results were as expected and the transplant area clearly showed growth of transplanted hair. All in all it was just as the doctor said.

From UK

Dear Lara I’m back to London now and just want to thank you for everything as I’m happy with my surgery and the Doctor and his team and the hospitality were brilliant. Many thanks.

K F, London-UK

After several consultations through the web site of Civas Clinic, I decided to have a hair transplantation performed by Dr.Ekrem Civas. I was nervous at the beginning but their professionalism and smiling faces relaxed me so much. My worries gone, my hair come.

Vincent, Netherlands