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Afro Type Hair Transplant

Afro Type Hair Transplant – Hair Transplant for African Type Hair

The most common hair loss types in African patients are Androgenetic Alopecia for males and traction alopecia for females. These are the main patients of Afro Type Hair Transplant. Hair transplant for African hair type patients can be challenging but it can be successfully done with satisfactory results.
Some of the challenges that the surgeons face with this hair transplant type are explained below.

Difficulty in the extraction of the grafts since the follicles curve under the skin. This can result in high transaction if the doctor is inexperienced. Manual extraction is preferred; with extra care, grafts can be obtained without damage.

Secondly, chances of having keloids in African patients are quite high. This a major concern for FUT technique as the scar will be visible. FUE is much more ideal in such cases with larger punch sizes.

Afro type hair transplant also has some advantages. In dark skin patients, the redness does not show as much as the light-skinned patients after the hair transplant. So, it’s easy to conceal the traces of the hair transplant. Additionally, with curly hair, better coverage can be obtained with fewer grafts.

Afro Type Hair Transplant Before After Photos

Afro Type Hair Transplant – Hair Transplant for African Type Hair