Hair Transplant Repair

If you have previously undergone a bad hair transplant and you are not happy with the results, Civas Hair Transplant can correct it for you. Some of the adjustments are hairline restoration, repair of the donor site scar, increasing hair density and improving hair distribution.

Dr. Civas has specialised in the technique of designing natural looking hairlines. Additionally, he has a holistic way of distributing the grafts on the scalp, such that no one can detect the hair transplant. Recipient sites are prepared with lateral slits that will result in fuller denser hair.

What are the causes of an unnatural hair transplant results?

  • Unnatural distribution of grafts
  • Poor density
  • Poor placement of grafts resulting in hair facing in wrong direction
  • Old hair transplant techniques e.g. plugs and mini graft techniques
  • Poorly designed hairlines (too low, too high or asymmetric hairlines)
  • Over extraction of grafts with FUE causing visible scars
  • Wide FUT scars

What techniques are used in hair transplant repair?

Incision sites should be made with very thin instruments, to avoid visible scars. Punches used to extract grafts by FUE should be a maximum of 1mm. The angle of incision of the grafts should be carefully determined so that the results are natural and neat. Recipient sites are prepared with lateral slits that will result in fuller denser appearance.

Graft excision – Grafts transplanted in wrong places or in wrong directions can be removed and re-implanted correctly. This is very useful for plug techniques, the plugs can be extracted; grafts dissected from them and re-implanted in a natural distribution.

FUT scar revision – Grafts can be transplanted into the FUT scar together with scar excision to reduce the size of the scar. Laser resurfacing, fillers and dermabrasion procedures can be used to smooth and prepare the scar tissue before transplant.

Hairline re-design – can be done to correct uneven and asymmetrical hairlines. For a good appearance, perfection of the hairline design and frontal hair distribution play a significant role.

Camouflage – For a soft natural hairline, 1s and 2s follicular grafts are placed at the front, then larger grafts 3s and 4s are transplanted behind them.

Laser hair removal – Hair in wrong places e.g. very low hairline can be permanently removed by laser.

FUE – grafts can be transplanted into areas with sparse density and scars.

Body Hair Transplant – body hair can be used in cases of insufficient donor supply.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation – In cases or poor donor with the large bald area, scalp micro pigmentation can be done to give an impression of the presence of hair.

How much does hair transplant repair cost?

The price varies depending on the workload involved. The prices range from 3500-5000€

Hair Transplant Repair Before After Photos

fixing old hair transplant