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Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant

Unshaven FUE (U-FUE) Hair Transplant

U-FUE stands for Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant or Undetectable FUE, where hair transplantation is done without shaving the donor or the recipient area. In the traditional FUE, all hair must be shaved to facilitate extraction and placement of grafts since most of the hair transplant surgery equipment only works with shaven hair.

In U-FUE, there are several variations of U-FUE that are currently being practiced. In some practices only the grafts to be extracted are cut then extracted, while the rest of the hair stays untouched.

In some practices, the donor hair is extracted in its original length and is implanted as long hair to minimize the downtime. Both approaches are limited in terms of the number of grafts that can be transplanted in one session. This procedure tends to be more involving hence slower than the traditional FUE.

In another variation that we practice, the donor hair is shaved, but the recipient area is not; so the grafts are transplanted within existing hair. In this variation, you can achieve maximum graft transfer compared to the other 2 variations.

The major advantage of U-FUE is that it limits the downtime, and reduces the degree of detection. However there is still a slight chance of traces of the surgery to be noticed on the recipient area.

If the patient has long hair, the scabs and redness can be concealed by their existing hair. The disadvantages are it is more involving and cumbersome, the procedure takes longer, less grafts can be obtained with this method and it is more expensive. With an experienced hair transplant doctor, you can get great results with the least inconvenience.

What is the cost of U-FUE?

The cost of U-FUE is 1.5€ per graft. The average number of grafts that can be transplanted by this method is 2000-2500 grafts. Take a look at the cost of transplant in Turkey page to compare the costs of other procedures.

Who are the most common candidates for Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant? Why choose FUE?

  • Women and men who do not want to shave all hair.
  • People who directly interact with customers in their careers and do not want their surgery noticed (TV personalities, bank officials, sales and customer service professionals).
  • People who do not have sufficient leave time to wait till full recovery and some hair growth.
Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant