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How Much is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant prices vary with different surgeons and in different regions too. The prices in most cases are charged per graft, however some centers charge standard prices on some range of number of grafts.

The cost of hair transplant in USA may range from 3-15$ per graft, while the prices in Europe range from 2-10€ per graft and in the UK up to 15£ per graft.

Hair surgery in Turkey ranges from 1500-6000€ per surgery depending on the center. Many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey charge very cheaply, but the quality of the surgery could be questionable.

In Civas Hair Transplant is best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we charge 1-1.5€ per graft standard price according to package. You need to fill in the consultation form including your pictures, to find out the estimated cost of your surgery.