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Regenera Activa

Regenera Activa is a treatment used to combat andogenetic alopecia and other hair loss
problems. The treatment is done in one session and the treatment has been approved by
FDA and CE. Patients are injected with a suspension of their own (autologous) cells, thereby
the number of progenitor cells at the site of administration increases. This technique, which
uses our own cells, improves the scalp and existing hair density and ensures the growth of
new hair follicles. The treatment allows the hair to return to its normal cycle and this help us
to obtain a better image.

What Should Be Expected From The Treatment?

• Protects and rejuvenates existing hair.
• Thickening and strengthening long but weak hair.
• Regenera Activa also helps to create a voluminous and hairy look by thickening the strands.
• It also activates the inactive hair cells under the scalp to remove them onto the scalp.
• Regenera Activa improves the success of hair transplantation, both as a preparatory
treatment and also during or after the hair transplant operation.
Success Rate: 80%

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