modifiedfue200Dr. Civas is an expert FUE hair transplant surgeon. He has interacted with over tens of thousands of hair loss patients in over 15 years hair transplantation and dermatological experience. His constant education and the experiences have made him develop a modified FUE technique which he uses on his hair replacement patients. In the FUE technique, hair follicles are obtained from the donor area one by one by making tiny incisions around the hair follicles and extracting them using special punches. Modified FUE technique is strongly recommended for our patients mainly because of its advantageous attributes mentioned below:

  • Speed of the procedure: In Civas clinic we can transplant up to 4000 grafts in on session with the modified FUE technique.
  • Use of very high quality and specialized punch instruments.Semi hand graft removal technique that ensures high precision in harvesting the grafts.
  • High graft survival rates
  • Quick recovery of both the donor and the transplant areas
  • Painless anesthesia administration
  • Proven 50% less swelling after the transplant, due to the high quality hair transplant solution used.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT200Dr. Civas has been performing hair replacement by the FUT technique since 1999. The success of FUT lies in the removal of the follicular units from the donor strip without being damaged. Civas Clinic hair transplant team has specialized the stereo microscopic dissection of the strip. Great attention is given to peeling around the tissue to obtain refined hair units, resulting in high graft survival rates.

In Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) donor hair is harvested from a thin strip of hair taken from the back and/or sides of the scalp. The donor area is then stitched back by trichophytic closure, where hair can grow through the scar. The scar will almost be invisible after healing since it will be fully covered by the hair around the scar.

Eyebrow Transplant

eyebrow200Some patients have very scarce eyebrows that have been caused by factors such as genetics, over plucking, burns and accidents, tattoos or thyroid diseases. Eyebrow transplantation restores back the natural look of eyebrows. However, the procedure is very delicate and requires a lot of attention to details especially angle of placement and density.

Dr. Civas has perfected the art of designing eyebrows by putting into consideration the patient’s facial features, resulting in a natural look that is undetectable. He is keen in creating the direction and angle of the recipient sites that mimic the natural anatomy of eyebrows. Only 1s follicular units are used in eyebrow transplant.

Beard Transplant

beard200Facial Hair transplant is becoming common. Young people are aiming for the ‘hipster’ look of a fuller denser beard. Beard transplant is performed at Civas Clinic. The procedure takes 4-5 hours and, 800-1500 grafts are transferred from the back of the head to the beard depending on the interests of the patient. Dr Civas gives special care to the angle of placement as well as density of the hairs; only 1s or 2s FUs are used in beard transplant. Another point he carefully considers is distributing of the grey hairs to give a natural looking outcome.

Scars and Burns Coverage

scars200Burns, accidents and genetic issues can cause trauma to the hair follicles, stopping hair to grow naturally either on the face or the scalp. This can be very depressing to the patient. At Civas Clinic we can perform hair transplant that can cover the scar and make it almost unnoticeable.

Hair Transplant Repair

FUT200If you have previously undergone a bad hair transplant and you are not happy with the results, Civas Clinic can correct it for you. Some of the adjustments are hairline restoration, repair of the donor site scar, increasing hair density and improving hair distribution. Dr. Civas has specialized in the technique of designing natural looking hairlines. Additionally, he has a holistic way of distributing the grafts on the scalp, such that no one can detect the hair transplant. Recipient sites are prepared with lateral slits that will result in fuller denser hair.