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World hair transplant repair day-11 November 2021

Hair transplantation is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries that is applied with increasing frequency all over the world. New techniques developed in recent years in hair surgery, which has a history of 80 years, have provided more successful results.  An increasingly important part of many hair restoration practices is the correction of hair transplants that were performed using older, outdated methods, or the correction of poorly resulted hair transplants.

If hair transplantation is not performed in accordance with the hair distribution and natural growth pattern of the patient, the surgical procedure is unsuccessful and repair may be required. Since the area is manipulated during the previous surgical procedure, repair procedures are more difficult than primary surgery. The FUE technique is the only method that allows the entire spectrum of revision procedures. Fundamental to all repair work is the establishment of a series of carefully prioritized goals so that if not all of the goals can be met, those most critical to the patient’s appearance will be achieved. The doctor must then perform surgery with techniques individualized for the particular patient and handle problems that cannot always be anticipated before the surgery starts

The major cosmetic problems encountered with poorly planned or improperly executed hair restoration surgery can be classified:

  • Low graft survival rate
  • Grafts that are too large or “pluggy”
  • Unnatural hairline (A frontal hairline placed too far forward or A hairline too low or too broad)
  • Hair placed in the wrong direction
  • Areas of attempted coverage that are unrealistic
  • Scarring in the recipient area
  • Ridging
  • Donor scarring

Many of the cosmetic defects created by poor techniques can be partially or completely reversed by meticulously removing and reimplanting unsightly grafts. The main factor that generally prevents the surgeon from achieving all of the patient’s restoration goals is a limited donor supply.

Before repairing an old transplant, it is important to establish what aspects of the prior surgery are most bothersome to the patient:

  • Hairline looks unnatural ?
  • Hairline is too high ?
  • Transplant is too thin ?
  • Transplant is unnatural ?
  • Crown is too thin ?

Two basic repair strategies that are often used in conjunction with one another are (1) camouflage with folllicular unit grafts and (2) removal of grafts with reimplantation of hair as individual follicular units.

Hair transplat repair is very complicated and challenging procedure for surgeons. Experienced and qualified surgeons can make satisfactory results for patients.

Many clinics around the world promote themselves as hair restoration experts  luring vulnerable patients with cheap prices and false advertising presented with misleading information  but are operating illegally and fraudulently and without the proper knowledge or training. In many cases, physicians do not perform the surgery and delegate the procedures to unlicensed technicians.

ISHRS announced its first “World Hair Transplant Repair Day” — designed to help people who have been victims of botched hair transplant surgeries from fraudulent, illicit clinics  will be held on November 11, 2021.

“Clinics using unlicenced technicians to perform hair restoration surgery pose a severe health risk with serious side effects for patients — including permanent scarring, infection, and depletion from over-harvested donor areas,” said Paul McAndrews, MD, FISHRS, president of the ISHRS. “World Hair Transplant Repair Day was created to raise awareness of this illegal worldwide practice and offer affected patients a means to work with a qualified hair restoration physician to try to correct their poor outcomes.”


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