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Formulaire de consultation en ligne

Plus de 10 000 greffes de cheveux réussies réalisées
Online Physician Consultation Form

Instructions for Photos:
1. Submit one different photo for each of the four views (Front, Side/Angle, Top, and Rear)
2. Photos with dry hair only
3. Include your entire head. You may block out your face, but very close-up photos are not useful. The doctor needs to see the overall pattern of your hair loss

Front View
Select a photo of your frontal hairline (.jpg, .jpeg, .png)
Side Angle View
Select a photo of your hair from the side (.jpg, .jpeg, .png)
Top View
Select a photo of the top of your scalp (.jpg, .jpeg, .png)
Rear View
Select a photo of the back of your scalp (.jpg, .jpeg, .png)
Clinique Civas Hair Transplant
L`équipe de Civas Hair Transplant
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