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Why Civas Hair Transplant

Dr. Civas is internationally qualified, the first Turkish ABHRS certified doctor with other international memberships e.g. ISHRS, ESHRS, AAHRS, EADV and EHRS.

With thousands of hair transplant surgeries performed since 1999 and dozens of scientific publications, Dr. Civas is one of the most respected and qualified hair transplant surgeons in the world.

Dr. Civas works with only one patient a day and only 5 patients a week and he makes sure he is with his patients all through the surgery.

You will be diagnosed and offered treatment with a holistic approach and be assured of realistic results while considering the worst case scenarios. Thus you are assured of not being confronted with risks in the future.

Specialized tailor-made solutions are given to you, based on your unique requirements.

Proven track record, a very experienced team of skilled technicians and a qualified expert hair transplant surgeon that will satisfy your needs beyond your expectations.

Fuller and denser hair appearance resulting from lateral slits made on recipient sites using custom made blades (see before and after photos).

Maximum graft survival; Dr. Civas has maintained a constant record of low transaction rates (below 3%), thus a one-on-one relation of the grafts transplanted and the out coming result.

Quick recovery is assured to you due to the high-quality standards maintained in the procedure.

100% natural hair transplant result is guaranteed because great attention is given to hair line design, angulation and dense packing of grafts during the hair restoration procedure.

Both FUT and FUE are performed; so the most appropriate harvesting technique is advised.

State-of art technology is used at Civas Hair Transplant which is the leading hair transplant Clinic in Turkey, located in the health base of Ankara.

All clinical staff members of Civas Hair Transplant have been personally trained by Dr. Civas since 1999 and are among the most experienced in at performing hair restoration in Turkey. All staff members of Civas Hair Transplant are full-time employees; unlike other hair restoration facilities where per-diem staff are employed.

Long lasting and painless anaesthetics with own technique are administered so you won’t feel pain during the procedure.

Personalised punch administered by Dr. Civas according to the patients skin type and hair structure.

Hospitable and professional staff that will make you feel at home, giving you an unforgettable experience during your stay in Turkey.

Accommodation and airport transfers are taken care of by the Civas Clinic patient co-coordinator, so you won’t have extra responsibilities to deal with.

When You Choose Civas Hair Transplant

We value all our patients at Civas Clinic. Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of our patients who trust in us through excellent results. With exceptionally good hair transplant results from Civas Hair Transplant, you will not only look younger and feel more energetic but also enjoy a renewed self-esteem. Starting from when you land at the airport till your return journey, we ensure you are well taken care of. Our foreign patient’s team will answer all your questions before surgery. The customer care manager will ensure your pick up and accommodation is arranged for two weeks before your arrival. The driver will be at the airport waiting for you when you arrive. The hotel we book our patients in is luxurious, comfortable and safe. On your visit at the clinic, Dr. Civas will be there to guide you through the surgery, explaining to you every step of the way. A natural hair line design combined of different techniques embodied with Dr Civas’ technique will be done at that time. After the face-to face consultation with Dr. Civas, our hospitable staff will give you alternative options for places to visit, shopping malls and tourist attractions in Ankara. If you have time that afternoon, you can enjoy excursions and shopping in the city or visit cafes in Tunalı area; a famous street with clothes shops, cafes and restaurants.

The following day, you will come in for the hair transplant early in the morning as instructed. The medical staff and the doctor will be waiting for you. After a short consultation with the doctor, painless anesthesia with the doctor’s own technique will be administered and the surgery will begin. Throughout the surgery, you will feel no pain. Dr. Civas will do the surgery himself as he only works on one patient a day and a maximum of 5 4 to 5 patients a week, assisted by a team of skilled technicians to serve the needs of our patients. Patients normally sleep most parts of the surgery or listen to music, read or chat with staff. Comfort of our patient is our key aim during the surgery. The surgery takes 7-8 hours.

At the end of the day, Dr. Civas will explain to you about post-op care. A post op care document will be given to you from which you can follow the instructions after the surgery till the results. Medication will also be provided. You should be very careful not to hit your head within the next 5 days. Wear front button shirts that do not go over your head. Sleep with your head elevated facing upwards on two pillows. At the night of the surgery, all meals will be provided for you and you are advised to stay in the hotel and have a good rest.

The next day in the afternoon, you are required to come back to the clinic for bandage removal and washing. For the last time, Dr. Civas goes through the post-op instructions again with you, making sure you understand everything. You can then fly back home the next day. The driver will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the airport. We make sure you return home happier than you came in.

dr ekrem civas fellow of ISHRS

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civas hair transplant
civas hair transplant
dr. ekrem civas
dr. ekrem civas
dr. ekrem civas
dr. ekrem civas