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Hair Transplant Turkey

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Turkey’s rise as a leader in the hair transplant industry has been remarkable. Factors contributing to Turkey’s prominence in the field of hair restoration are mainly experienced, skilled surgeons with years of expertise, competitive prices, the use of advanced medical technology and innovative techniques. In a world where physical appearance, and by correlation hair, is paramount to our overall mental health and wellbeing, Turkey has made hair transplants more accessible to individuals of all backgrounds.

Hair Transplant In Turkey

In recent years, we have seen a surge in the demand for cosmetic surgeries such as hair transplants, with more and more people seeking these procedures to treat hair loss and regain their confidence. Turkey has emerged as the go-to destination for hair transplant procedures, attracting people from all around the world, thanks to its top-notch clinics, qualified and experienced doctors, and affordable price points.

Doctors in Turkey, armed with years of experience, remarkable skills, and advanced knowledge in hair transplant procedures, have been able to provide high quality services to millions of happy clients from all over the world. Hair transplant surgeons in Turkey invest significant effort in intensive, practical training and consistently stay up to date on emerging techniques to guarantee the success of the hair transplants they perform. Hair transplants performed by Turkish dermatologists specialized in hair and scalp disorders are considered to be of very high quality. 

Other factors contributing to this rising trend are the use of advanced techniques and new emerging technologies in hair transplantation. As the field of hair restoration has evolved, doctors in Turkey have moved from the more traditional Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) to the more advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. The use of the minimally invasive FUE technique has made hair transplants more effective, providing more natural-looking results with minimal scarring.

In the hair transplant industry, success lies in the attention to details. The precision of every follicle placement, the commitment to creating a result that effortlessly blends with the patient's existing hair and the skill of creating a natural-looking hairline can make all the difference in your life. It is the little details that turn a routine hair transplant procedure in Turkey into a transformative experience.

And you can easily embark on this transformative journey right now by contacting Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way. 

Why Is Hair Important?

In a world where physical appearance is very important to both men and women, hair is undeniably an important aspect of our lives. Hair has become a symbol of our identity, culture and personal expression. Hair, has for decadesif not centuries, defoned our perception of beauty, self-esteem, and social acceptance. Hair is one of the physical features that determines how we perceive ourselves, and how we are perceived by others. Details such as the color, the structure, the fullness, the length, or the way it is styled can affect one's mood and appearance.

So much emphasis is put on physical appearance, and by extension hair, that men and women spend a considerable amount of time and thousands of dollars at the hair salon. The loss of hair, such an important facet of one's appearance, can lead to serious psychological and emotional issues. People have been known to suffer from low self-esteem and depression as a result of hair loss. People experiencing hair loss may feel self-conscious, leading to a decrease in self-confidence. Social withdrawal is another issue caused by hair loss. It can even affect personal relationships and career opportunities.

For many people, hair loss can prematurely age their appearance. While a full head of hair is usually associated with youth and vitality, a receding hairline gives. more mature appearance. The gradual loss of hair can make individuals appear older than they really are.

This is why extensive research is ongoing to find new methods on how to prevent hair loss and promoting the growth of new hair.  

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Is There A Definitive Solution To Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a complex dermatological problem and whether there is a definitive solution depends on the underlying cause and other factors. Hair loss cases should be evaluated by a dermatologist with expertise in hair and scalp conditions. 

Hair loss comes in many different forms, the most common being Androgenetic Alopecia. While some hair loss, such as Telogen Effluvium or Alopecia Areata, are temporary, others such as Androgenetic Alopecia or Lichen Planopilaris are permanent. It is important to determine the specific type of hair loss to find the most appropriate treatment. Each type of hair loss requires a specific type of treatment.

Common treatments that can be used for Androgenetic Alopecia:

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine): This medication is available for oral or topical use. The topical form is more widely used for hair loss treatment and is usually available over the counter.

  • Finasteride: This medication is available for oral use only by prescription. It is only approved for use in men. Finasteride is known to have some side effects.

  • Dutasteride: This is also an oral prescription medication used for hair loss in men. 

  • Hair Restoration Surgery: Also known as hair transplantation, it is a surgical procedure performed by a doctor, where hair follicles are harvested from the safe donor area and implanted in the recipient area.

  • Spironolactone: This medication is sometimes used to treat hair loss, particularly in women.

  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT): It is a medical treatment that involves the use of low-level lasers to stimulate hair growth.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP): It is a medical treatment that involves the use of the patient’s own plasma to promote hair growth.

  • Exosomes: It is a medical treatment that involves the use of stem cells to stimulate hair growth.

Among all the treatments listed above, hair transplant surgery stands out as a definitive and permanent solution.

How Is Hair Transplant Procedure Performed In Turkey?

Hair transplantation is a surgical performed under local anesthesia and takes an average of 8 hours. There are two primary methods of hair transplantation: Follicular Unite Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE). The FUE technique is the most commonly used hair transplant method all over the world. It is also the preferred method of Turkish doctors.

In the FUE technique, grafts are taken one by one from the safe donor area at the back of the head and transferred one by one to the recipient area.

The FUT technique, on the other hand, is an older method and is performed by removing strips from the back of the head. The excised strip is divided into follicular units (stereomicroscopic dissection) under the microscope and then transferred to the recipient area. However, this method is no longer preferred nowadays as it leaves a large linear scar after the procedure.

Techniques known as Sapphire, DHI, Micromotor and Manual are all subtypes of the FUE technique. In other words, both DHI and Sapphire are FUE methods.

Civas Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures basically consists of 5 steps:

1. Hairline Design and Operation Planning: The most important part of hair transplant surgery is the hairline design and operation planning. The hairline design takes into account factors such as the patient’s age, skin type, density of the donor area and the patient’s expectations. Since one of the most important factors determining the natural appearance after the operation is the hairline, it must be performed by an experienced surgeon with a good aesthetic perception. It is well known fact that the hair reserve in the donor area is limited. Therefore, it is important to make an operation plan that will use this limited product in the most intelligent and efficient manner.

2. Anesthesia: Hair transplant surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Both nerve block and infiltration anesthesia are used during the procedure. Thanks to the unique anesthesia administration method developed by Dr. Civas specifically for this procedure, the surgery is performed with minimal discomfort to our patients. Once the effect of anesthesia wears off after the surgery, our patients usually do not feel any pain.

General anesthesia or sedation is not recommended by Dr. Civas and Dr. Akpınar as it carries various risks. 

3. Channel Opening (Incisions): One of the most critical steps in hair transplant surgery is the opening of channels. The angle and direction of new hair growth depend on the opened channels. Therefore, it must be performed by an experienced dermatologist. The angle and direction of the newly opened channels are determined using existing hair as a guide. In individuals who have no hair, the angle and direction of the channels are determined in such a way as to provide a natural appearance. This is a delicate case that requires the expertise and the experience of a qualified dermatologist.

In addition, the frequency, the depth, and the size of the channels are also important factors to consider. Grafts should be placed in the dermis layer of the skin which is dense in blood vessels. If the channels are opened in deeper tissue and more frequently than necessary, it can lead to necrosis. However, if the channels are opened in the superficial layer of the skin, it can cause a condition called popping and graft loss.

Needles, sapphire blades, or custom special steel blades are some of the surgical tools used to carry out the procedure.

4. Extraction (Harvesting of Grafts): In hair transplant procedures, grafts are collected from an area located at the back of the head called the “safe donor area”. This region is genetically resistant to shedding and hair loss. For this reason, the grafts harvested from this area last for life and do not shed. During extraction, grafts are collected using a special device called a “punch”. The quality of the grafts depends heavily on the ability to extract undamaged, intact grafts.

There are different sizes of punches that are used for hair transplant procedures: 0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0 mm. In addition, punches with different tip designs such as standard, serrated or trumpet are available. Quality grafts and good results are obtained when extraction is performed using the punch most suitable for the skin structure of the patient and the thickness of the hair strand.

Once the grafts are harvested, they are preserved until the implantation stage. During this period, the grafts are kept at low temperature in a special tissue solution in order to increase the rate of survival of the grafts. At Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, we use a special transplantation solution called Custodiol.

5. Implantation: The last stage of hair transplant surgery is the implantation stage. The harvested grafts are implanted one by one into the channels opened with the help of special forceps. Since the grafts are very fragile, they should be handled with care and inserted in the channels smoothly in a single attempt. This is something that requires experience and as such it should be done by experienced specialist nurse technicians only.

What Is A DHI Hair Transplant In Turkey?

The DHI technique is a subtype of the FUE technique. In DHI hair transplants, follicular units are harvested one by one and transferred to the recipient area one by one. The method of collecting grafts is exactly the same as in all the other FUE techniques. However, during the implantation phase, pens called Choi-pens are used instead of forceps. The advantage of using DHI technique is that shaving is not necessary before the hair transplant. Dr. Civas and Dr. Akpınar recommend the use of DHI technique in areas where the hairs grow at an acute angle, such as the beard or the eyebrows.

However, this method carries the risk of repetitive placement trauma which can occur during both the placement of the grafts in the Choi-pen and the implantation phase. Therefore, an experienced team is essential for a successful DHI hair transplant.

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What Is A Sapphire Hair Transplant In Turkey?

The Sapphire technique is also a subtype of the FUE method. As in the other FUE techniques, grafts are harvested one by one and transplanted one by one to the recipient area. The difference in this technique is the use of sapphire blades during the opening of channels. The implantation phase is done using forceps. The Sapphire hair transplant technique has no scientifically proven superiority over the other methods.

At Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, we use all types of hair transplant techniques including the Sapphire technique. However, we find it more suitable to use custom steel blades instead of using sapphire blades during hair transplant procedures. This ensures that our hair transplant results are more natural-looking. Therefore, the use of custom steel blades is prioritized/preferred over sapphire blades at our clinic.

What Is A Manual FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey?

The Manual FUE technique is a variation of the standard FUE hair transplant method. In Manual FUE hair transplant, the surgeon manually excises and extracts the hair follicles during the harvesting process.

What Is A Micromotor FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey?

The Micromotor FUE technique is also a variation of the standard FUE hair transplant method. In this technique, a micromotor device is attached to the punch tool used during the excision process. The surgeon determines the speed and direction with which the grafts are harvested, ensuring a quick harvest of high quality. The waiting time between harvest and implantation phases is thus reduced and the transplant can be carried out faster. In addition, the risk of a decrease in quality of grafts due to the surgeon experiencing fatigue is extremely low while using the Micromotor FUE technique when compared to using the Manual FUE technique. The Micromotor FUE method is the preferred choice for doctors worldwide.

What Is A Custom Special Steel Blade FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey?

The Custom Special Steel Blade FUE technique is the most efficient method and produces the most natural-looking hair transplant results. Channels are opened using special scalpels that come in different sizes. One of the advantages of this technique is that different sizes can be used for the hairline and for other regions. In addition, the depth can easily be adjusted according to the needs of the patient. Another advantage of this method is that the blades are changed after every 150-200 extractions. This results in a sharper and smoother channel opening process. The Custom Special Steel Blade FUE technique is very suitable for coronal and sagittal channel opening, resulting in a fuller and more natural look.

Dr. Civas and Dr. Akpınar, both experienced dermatologists operating at our clinic, recommend this technique because it is both safe and has a very high rate of success.

What Is The Best Hair Transplant Technique? Custom Special Steel Blade, Micromotor, DHI, FUE, Sapphire or Manual?

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hair transplant surgery is which hair transplant technique is the best. Due to high level of competition in the market, there is a lot of information available on this topic online. However, it takes a scientific approach to understand which hair transplant technique is the most suitable for each patient.

It is essential to understand that all the techniques mentioned above are subtypes of the FUE method.

One of the advantages of a Micromotor FUE hair transplant is that a larger number of grafts can be harvested in a shorter period of time. This increases the survival rate of the grafts as the grafts stay in an external environment, from the extraction phase to the implantation phase, for less time than during a Manual FUE hair transplant. Therefore, the Micromotor FUE method is considered to be superior to the Manual FUE method in procedures where high graft numbers are required. An experienced surgeon would be able to remove grafts intact and undamaged in both Manual and Micromotor FUE methods.

The best hair transplant technique for a patient depends on several factors. Every patient is different therefore every case is different. Hair transplant surgery is an extremely personal procedure that necessitates a personalized approach. An experienced dermatologist would consider factors such as the patient’s hair structure and skin type, the density of the donor area, the size of the bald spots etc. before choosing the most suitable technique to be used for the hair transplant procedure. What works best for one patient may not work for another. The technique to be used should be determined on a case-to-case basis.

At Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, we can perform all types of hair transplant techniques. We recommend the DHI method in areas such as the beard, the mustache, and the eyebrows. However, the most optimal results for hair transplantation are obtained using the Micromotor Custom Special Steel Blade FUE technique. This technique has higher graft survival rates and produces a fuller, more natural look. We also perform Sapphire hair transplants at the demand of our patients. However, the results from a Sapphire hair transplant are not necessarily better than a hair transplant using the Custom Special Steel Blade technique.

If you want to change your life using the hair transplant technique best suited to you and your needs, contact Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

How Many Grafts Are Needed For A Successful Hair Transplant?

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hair transplantation is the ideal number of grafts required for successful results. Different clinics suggest different numbers: 1,500? 3,000? 3,200? 4,500? 5,500? 8,000?

Unfortunately, hair transplantation surgery is just a business to some clinics, and they tend to mislead people with an unrealistic number of the grafts they might need.

At Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, we calculate the number of grafts needed for a hair transplant procedure using scientific data. The mathematical calculation of the number of grafts a normal person might need is as follows:

The donor area capacity for FUE can be calculated based on the following:

  1. Size of the donor area (in cm²)
  2. Baseline FU density per cm²
  3. Maximum excision density per cm²
  4. Residual donor FU density.

For example, a safe donor area of 189cm² (27cm × 7cm) with baseline average density 65 could easily support an excision density of 15-20, yielding 2,835-3,780 grafts.

As we can infer from the data, the average number of grafts needed for hair transplant surgery should be between 3,200-3,500. To note that the number of grafts and the hair strand yield are two different concepts. Some grafts may contain 1, some 2, others 3 or more hairs. Therefore, a hair transplant surgery with an average of 3,200 grafts can yield up to 7,000-8,000 hair strands. The chart below from the 2022 ISHRS report shows the average number of grafts used by qualified surgeons from all around the globe. As it can be seen, 84% of hair transplant operations are performed using between 1,000 and 3,000 grafts.

Number of Grafts per Session

Removing an excessive number of grafts from the donor area during hair transplant procedures is known as “overharvesting”. In case of overharvesting, extreme sparseness may occur in the back of the head leading to patient dissatisfaction. Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent this irreversible situation.

Another issue that may crop up during hair transplantation is the implantation of more grafts than necessary in the limited recipient area. This may lead to necrosis and/or excessive graft loss. This happens because the blood supply capacity in the recipient area can only handle a certain number of grafts.

At Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, we have two outstanding, qualified, and competent dermatologists who pay close attention to all these critical details. Using the latest scientific approaches and innovative techniques, Dr. Civas and Dr. Akpınar perform successful hair transplant surgeries on a daily basis.

What Is The Cost Of A Hair Transplant Procedure In Turkey? 

One of the main reasons why hair transplant procedures in Turkey are so popular is that the prices are more affordable compared to Europe and the USA. Both the quality, the successful results and the competitive prices have made Turkey the number one destination in hair transplantation. Hair transplant prices in Turkey may vary between €3,000-€7,500 in licensed clinics.

While in European countries hair transplant prices vary between €5,000-€15,000 Euros, hair transplant prices in the USA vary between $6,000- $20,000.

At Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, our prices vary between €3,000-€5,000. We offer a premium service by taking on only one patient per day, thereby providing them with our undivided attention and the best care possible.

Unfortunately, there are many unlicensed, illegal, and doctorless hair transplant clinics operating in Turkey. Their prices can go as low as €1,000. However, patients who go to such underground hair transplant clinics usually end up with terrible results. Having such an important operation performed by unauthorized and inexperienced staff at an unlicensed clinic just because it is cheaper can cause irreversible damage and affect your life and your self-esteem forever. At Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, we have had to perform countless repair surgeries to fix botched hair transplantations from unlicensed centers. For this reason, we recommend that all patients have their hair transplant surgeries in licensed clinics, where a dermatologist is personally involved in the procedure.

Change your life now by contacting Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, one of the best hair transplant centers in Turkey, both in terms of price and quality.

What Is The Cost Of A 3000-Graft Hair Transplant In Turkey? 

The average amount of grafts used in most hair transplant procedures is between 1,000-3,000 grafts per transplant. According to the ISHRS report published in 2022, 84% of all hair transplants performed in the world were between 1,000-3,000 grafts per hair transplant procedure.

The price of a 3,000-graft hair transplantation in Turkey varies between €3,000-€7,500 in Turkey and between €3,000-€5,000 at Civas Hair Transplant Clinic.

Why Is Turkey The Best In Hair Transplantation? 

One of the main reasons Turkey has become one of the destinations of choice for hair transplant surgeries is the expertise and the skills of Turkish hair surgeons. Turkey offers high quality medical education, and our universities are some of the top-ranking universities on an international level. Only the most brilliant minds in Turkey opt to go to medical school and go through an extremely challenging and intensive program. Thanks to multiple internship opportunities, they acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and experience well above international standards. As a result, there are many successful surgeons who deliver high quality results in hair transplant surgery in Turkey. Turkish surgeons are able to perform all hair transplant surgeries, including revision hair transplantation successfully.

Turkey has also become the number 1 destination for hair transplantation thanks to their affordable prices compared to the USA and Europe and the excellent service provided by their highly qualified surgeons.

Contact us at Civas Hair Transplant Clinic if you would like to take the steps that will change your life and will give you a chance at a new beginning.

You Have Decided To Have A Hair Transplant Procedure In Turkey, Which Clinic Should You Choose? What Criteria Should You Pay Attention To? Which Is The Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey?

Foreigners usually have a multitude of questions on their mind while choosing Turkey for hair transplant surgery. The most common being:

  • Which clinic should I choose?
  • What criteria should I pay attention to?
  • Which is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

There are hundreds of hair transplant centers in Turkey. However, only a few of them provide high quality and premium services.

The first thing to consider while choosing a hair transplant center in Turkey is whether the clinic is a doctor's clinic. Hair transplant surgery is a serious medical surgical procedure that should only be performed by a doctor. Dermatologists, specialized in hair loss and scalp disorders are the most qualified and experienced to perform such surgeries. This is why you should aim to consult a dermatologist for all your hair transplant procedures.

Another important aspect to consider is how many patients are seen at the hair transplant clinic in one day. Seeing as hair transplant surgery is a surgery that will affect your physical appearance and your mental well-being for the rest of your life, it is crucial to find a doctor who will give you his undivided attention. Therefore, hair transplant clinics with a policy of only one patient per day should be your preferred choice. In clinics where many surgeries are performed at the same time, the quality of the hair transplant procedure is seriously reduced because the procedures are performed by technicians instead of qualified doctors. Poorly performed hair transplants also require revision surgery, resulting in both financial and material loss.

Trying to find the best hair transplant clinic at the cheapest price can be challenging. Sometimes being too cheap can cost more in the long run. The best option would be to choose a hair transplant clinic that only accepts one patient per day, and where the procedure is performed by a certified specialist doctor at an affordable cost.

At Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey, only one patient is seen per day and all procedures are performed by the best and most qualified dermatology specialists in Turkey.

Points you should take into consideration while choosing your hair transplant clinic and surgeon in Turkey:
  • The surgeon’s expertise and experience in the field of hair transplantation
  • The type of hair loss you have and the best approach to deal with it
  • The number of hair transplant procedures performed by the surgeon
  • The success rate of the doctor

Where Are The Best Hair Transplant Clinics In Turkey? In Istanbul, Ankara Or Izmir? 

There are countless hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Some of them licensed and legal hair transplant clinic, while some of them operating without proper accreditation. Istanbul is the largest and the most crowded city in Turkey. For this reason, there are many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. While prices might seem affordable at hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, it is important to verify whether the clinic you pick is properly accredited and whether a doctor is available.

Ankara, being the capital of Turkey, is one of the safest cities. Hacettepe University, which hosts the best medical faculty in Turkey, is located in Ankara. Many of the top doctors in Turkey graduate from Hacettepe University and choose Ankara as their base of operation. Many medical procedures, including hair transplantation, are carried out in Ankara in a safe and efficient manner. The city is also calmer compared to Istanbul and is the perfect location to recuperate from a medical procedure such as hair transplant surgery. Civas Hair Transplant Clinic is located in Ankara and has been serving many international patients for years.

Hair Transplant Packages In Turkey 

If you are seeking a solution for your hair loss problems and you are looking to boost your confidence by restoring your hairline, you have come to the right place. Turkey is a global hub for quality hair transplant procedures performed by experienced doctors at affordable prices. The good thing is that most clinics in Turkey offer all-inclusive packages. Below you will find a complete guide about hair transplant packages available at most clinics here in Turkey.

What Is A Hair Transplant Package In Turkey? 

So, what is a hair transplant package in Turkey and what does it include? The answer is very simple: A hair transplant package in Turkey is a comprehensive package designed with the patient’s needs and comfort in mind. Patients do not have to worry about anything as the hair transplant packages include everything the patient might require during their stay in Turkey. The aim of these packages is to offer a stress-free and all-inclusive experience to the patients wishing to get hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

These packages come with different price options, ensuring that people from diverse backgrounds can afford hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

What Is Included In Hair Transplant Packages Available In Turkey?

Hair transplant packages in Turkey can vary widely in terms of the services they offer and the cost. However, most packages will include the following services:

  • Consultation: Before the procedure, patients will have a consultation with a hair transplant specialist who will assess their hair loss, discuss their expectations, and recommend the most appropriate treatment.
  • Transportation: Most hair transplant packages in Turkey include transportation from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the clinic and vise-versa. Some packages also include transportation for follow-up appointments.
  • Accommodation: Most hair transplant packages include accommodation in a hotel or a private apartment for the duration of the patient’s stay in Turkey.
  • Procedure: The hair transplant procedure itself is usually included in the package. This may involve one or more sessions, depending on the extent of the patient’s hair loss.
  • Medications: Hair transplant packages may also include medications to help with the healing process and to prevent infection.
  • Follow-up Appointments: After the procedure, patients will need to attend follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process and to check the results of the transplant. Some packages may include follow-up appointments in Turkey, while others may provide remote follow-up consultations.
  • Translator: Most hair transplant clinics in Turkey have staff who speak English and other languages, but some packages may include a translator to assist patients who do not speak Turkish. Some hair transplant packages may also include additional services such as sightseeing tours, spa treatments, and other recreational activities. These packages are often marketed as “hair transplant holidays” and are designed to provide patients with a complete experience that combines medical treatment with leisure and relaxation.
  • Post-op Care Package: Most clinics offer a post-op care package for patients who can’t travel back to Turkey to attend follow-up appointments in person.

Benefits Of A Hair Transplant Package In Turkey

Hair transplant packages in Turkey are an attractive option for people who are looking for an affordable and high-quality alternative to hair transplant surgery in their home country. The packages are designed to be comprehensive, providing patients with all the necessary services they need during their stay.

There are several benefits to choosing a hair transplant package in Turkey, including:

  • High-Quality Service: Turkey is home to some of the best hair transplant clinics in the world, offering state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained medical professionals.
  • Affordable Prices: As mentioned earlier, Turkey offers some of the most affordable hair transplant packages in the world, making it possible for people from all over the world to undergo hair transplant surgery in Turkey.
  • Comprehensive Service: Turkey hair transplant packages are designed to be comprehensive, providing patients with all the necessary services they need during their stay in Turkey. This includes transportation, accommodation, and other necessary services.
  • Beautiful Destination: Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history, making it an attractive destination for people who are looking to combine hair transplant surgery with a vacation.
  • Experienced Surgeons: Hair transplant clinics in Turkey employ some of the most experienced hair transplant surgeons in the world, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality care possible.

Cost Of A Hair Transplant Package In Turkey

One of the main reasons why Turkey is such a popular destination for hair transplant surgery is the affordability. Turkey offers some of the most affordable hair transplant packages in the world. The cost of a hair transplant package in Turkey can vary widely based on the clinic you choose, the hair transplant technique used, the number of grafts required, etc. Most hair transplant packages in Turkey cost between $1,500 to $3,500, depending on the services included in the package.

By comparison, the cost of just the hair transplant surgery in the United States, can range from $4,000 to $15,000, making Turkey an attractive option for people who are looking for a more affordable alternative.

It is important to note that prices may vary from patient to patient based on their specific needs. Contact us to get an accurate estimate of a hair transplant package at Civas Hair Transplant.

What Is The Process Of Booking A Hair Transplant Package In Turkey?

The process of booking a hair transplant package in Turkey typically involves the following steps:

  1. Research: The first step in booking a hair transplant package in Turkey is to do some research on reputable clinics and packages. This can be done online, through recommendations from friends or family.
  2. Consultation: Once you have identified a few clinics or packages that you are interested in, you will typically be offered a consultation either in person or online. During this consultation, a medical professional will assess your hair loss and recommend the best course of treatment for you.
  3. Booking: Once you have chosen a clinic or package, you will need to book your procedure. This will typically involve paying a deposit to secure your appointment, as well as providing any necessary medical information and travel details.
  4. Travel: Once your appointment is confirmed, you will need to make travel arrangements to Turkey. Many hair transplant packages in Turkey include transportation and accommodation, but it is important to confirm this with your provider and make any necessary arrangements.
  5. Procedure: On the day of your procedure, you will typically be taken to the clinic where you will receive anesthesia and the hair transplant surgery will be performed. The duration of the procedure can vary depending on the extent of the hair loss and the technique used, but most procedures take several hours.
  6. Recovery: After the procedure, you will need to rest and allow time for your scalp to heal. Most people can return to work and resume normal activities within a few days, but it can take several weeks for the transplanted hair to begin to grow.
  7. Follow-up: Your provider will typically schedule a follow-up consultation or check-in to monitor your progress and ensure that your recovery is going smoothly.

Overall, the process of booking a hair transplant package in Turkey can be straightforward and relatively simple, as long as you do your research and choose a reputable hair transplant clinic. Working with a medical tourism company or provider who specializes in hair transplant packages in Turkey can help to streamline the process and ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Safe, Effective & Compassionate Care At Civas Hair Transplant, Turkey 

At Civas Hair Transplant, we value all our patients. Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of the people who trust us to provide quality hair transplants and deliver excellent results. Starting from your arrival at the airport till your journey back home, we ensure you are well taken care of. The foreign patient’s coordinator will answer all your questions before surgery and will provide all pertinent information.

We will ensure your airport pick-up and accommodation are arranged two weeks before your arrival to Turkey. The driver will be at the airport waiting for you when you land. The hotel we book for our patients is in one of the most luxurious, comfortable, and safe neighborhoods in Ankara, Turkey. We have been working with the same hotel for over 10 years.

On your visit at the Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, our dermatologists will be there to guide you through out the hair transplant procedure, explaining everything, every step of the way. The hairline design will be done at that time. If you still have any questions, the doctors will gladly answer and put all your qualms to rest. You will also discuss your expectations and your preferences.

Once your hair is shaved, the doctors, assisted by the medical team will proceed to the hair transplant surgery. Surgery generally takes 8 hours. During this time, the doctors will administer anesthesia, and open the channels. Graft extraction and implantation are usually performed by our specialist nurse technicians. When the surgery is over, the driver will take you back to the hotel for some well needed rest.

The next day, you will be brought back to the clinic for bandage removal and your first hair wash. You will receive post-op instructions about how to care for your newly implanted hair and how to preserve your existing hair.

If you so desire, our staff can offer options for places to visit, shopping malls and tourist attractions in Ankara, Turkey. If you have time that afternoon, you can enjoy excursions and shopping in the city. We can also provide recommendations for nice restaurants if you are in the mood the explore Turkish cuisine.

When you return to your country after your hair transplant surgery, it is important to send monthly photos of your hair transplant so we can monitor your progress and make sure everything is going smoothly. We offer post-op care for up to 1 year post-surgery. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Why Choose Civas Hair Transplant?

Successful clinical outcomes require a combination of medical expertise, the use of innovative techniques and high quality, compassionate care. Civas Hair Transplant, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey, provides patients with world class healthcare treatments and high-quality results.

Dr. Ekrem Civas is one of the pioneering hair transplant surgeons in Turkey – one of the first to master the hair transplant procedure in Turkey. Before any Turkish doctors even knew about hair transplantation, he was already certified by ABHRS. Dr. Civas is the also the first doctor in Turkey to become a member of FISHRS.

His partner, Dr. Ümit Akpınar graduated from the best medical school in Turkey and has been performing hair transplant surgeries at Civas Hair Transplant with great success.

Our clinic also focuses on one patient a day in order to give the patient the best treatment possible and the highest level of care. By making our patient our only focus for the day, we make sure the doctors and the medical team do not suffer from fatigue and botch the hair transplant surgery.

The packages available at Civas Hair Transplant Clinic all include accommodation for 3 nights in a very comfortable and cozy hotel, airport transfers, transfers to and from the clinic and a comprehensive post-op care package. Our team of patient coordinators provides assistance to our international patients in English or French.

Who Performs The Hair Transplant Surgeries At Civas Hair Transplant Clinic?

Dr. Civas and Dr. Akpınar perform the hair transplant surgeries, assisted by a team consisting of 3 specialist nurse technicians; all fully trained and specialized for hair transplants. The doctors are in charge of hairline design, local anesthesia, donor and recipient preparation, incision and part of extraction. The specialist nurse technicians are responsible for extraction, graft sorting, graft counting and implantation.

The Hair Transplant Booking Process At Civas Hair Transplant

If you decide to book an appointment for a hair transplant procedure with us, there are several steps to follow:

  • First you will have to submit your pictures – front, back, sides and crown of the scalp for evaluation. Please make sure the pictures are clear so the doctor can assess them. Our foreign patient coordinator will guide you through the process of how you can send your photos for evaluation. They will also answer questions you might have.
  • The doctor will examine your pictures and assess whether you are a suitable candidate for hair transplant procedure. He will also estimate the number of grafts needed for the hair transplant.
  • The estimates along with the total cost of the procedure will be sent to you. A cost package plan is sent to you with different packages for you to choose from, a brief explanation of the packages is included in the plan as well. If you have questions about the packages our foreign patient coordinator is there to help you answer them.
  • If you would like to proceed to booking an appointment for hair transplant procedure, please communicate the dates that would be suitable for you. Available dates from which you can choose are sent to you by our patient coordinator. At Civas Hair Transplant Clinic, we perform only 1 surgery a day, so availability is limited. We advise patients to book appointments as soon as possible.
  • Once you book your appointment for the hair transplant surgery, you will be sent a link for a deposit payment. This deposit is to confirm your appointment.
  • Lastly, you can book your ticket and plan your trip to Ankara, Turkey for your hair transplant procedure. If you plan on visiting Istanbul and other touristic places in Turkey, we advise you do so before the hair transplant surgery. Please make sure to check the visa requirements for your country using the link below: 

Civas Hair Transplant
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Can body hair be transplanted in cases where the donor area is insufficient?
    Yes, areas such as the chest and axilla can be used as donor sites in cases where the donor is insufficient. However, it should not be forgotten that the morphologies and cycles of the hairs in each region are different. Cosmetically, this situation should be planned by considering the profit and loss balance.
  • What To Concern Choosing Your Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic And Surgeon
    Expertise in the field of hair transplantation How to approach your hair loss Whether there are different case experiences The number of the cases he has processed so far Specialist doctor (especially dermatologist)
  • What should be considered in hairline design?
     Hairline design is one of the most critical steps of hair transplantation, which seems simple. Planning should be done taking into account the person’s hair loss type, head structure, and future hair loss areas. Necessary care must be taken for this situation, which requires complete expertise and experience. We achieve 100% natural results with the hairline design method we developed in Civas Clinic. Hair transplantation process takes an average of 8 hours and is performed under local anesthesia. Since the applied local anesthesia technique and the doses of the drugs are a situation that requires a specialist, they must be done by a doctor.
  • Is the hair transplant procedure painful?
    During local anesthesia, a slight pain is felt, and no pain is felt in other parts. In addition, with the special anesthesia technique we apply in Civas Clinic, there is no pain and edema after the operation. Surgical steps: Channel opening; It is another critical point of hair transplantation. Collected grafts are placed in these channels. The density, distribution, direction and angle of the channels determine the result of hair transplantation. Therefore, it must be done by experienced doctors. Opening the channels too often causes necrosis, opening them less often causes loss of density, opening them in the wrong direction causes hair to grow in different directions. During the collection of grafts, punches of different diameters and features are used. Mistakes to be made during this procedure may damage the grafts by causing transection. It must be done by an experienced team. The implantation process is the last stage of hair transplantation. The collected grafts are placed one by one into the opened channels. During this process, it is necessary to be sensitive to avoid damaging the grafts. Traumatized grafts negatively affect the quality of the procedure. As you can see, every step of hair transplantation is very important. It requires experience, expertise and expertise. Operations performed by unauthorized persons may cause permanent damage. As Civas Clinic, all procedures are performed by our specialist doctors and experienced team. If you want to have a successful hair transplant in Turkey, you can contact us.
  • How much hair transplant in Turkey?
    Hair transplant prices in Turkey vary. The prices of quality and doctor clinics are generally in the range of 250000-7500 euros. Illegal and unlicensed businesses operate at 1500 euro levels. However, such places carry serious risks for their patients. As Civas clinic, our prices are in the range of 2500-4800 euros. Our packages also include airport transfer and accommodation. We are performing onlu one surgery in a day for Premium care . We are focusing all og our efforts on just one person. Let’s start enhance your hair!
  • What are Sapphire hair transplant and DHI hair transplant?
    Sapphire hair transplant and DHI hair transplant are also FUE techniques. Sapphire blades are used during canal opening in Sapphire hair transplant. In DHI, the implantation process is performed using pens called choi implanter. All hair surgery methods are used successfully in Civas clinic. Thus, we make a great contribution to the hair transplant turkey brand image.
  • What should be the sleeping position for the first night on the day of hair transplantation?
    Sleeping with a double pillow and a neck pillow on the day of the procedure; We recommend not to turn left or right.
  • When can a hat be worn after hair transplantation?
    Since the grafts in the recipient area are very sensitive, the first days after the procedure are very important. Injury to grafts and trauma should be avoided. From the 1st day, the hat can be used provided that it is loose.
  • When can I do sports after the procedure?
    Light sports such as walking and jogging can be started one week after the hair transplant surgery. At the end of 1 month, all kinds of sports activities can be done.
  • When can I swim in the pool or sea after hair transplantation?
    You can swim in the pool or sea 1 month after the procedure.
  • What kind of drugs are used after the procedure?
    We recommend the use of topical antibiotics for 7 days for the donor area after hair surgery. Possible crusts are prevented by using saline spray for the recipient area. In addition, baby shampoo is used for washing for the first 10 days. Then it is switched to normal shampoo.
  • Does the transplanted hair fall out?
    A safe area is used as a donor area in hair transplantation. In other words, hair that is genetically coded not to fall out. For this reason, it is not expected that the transplanted hair will be lost permanently. However, in the first 2 months, there is a temporary shedding in the transplanted hair. This situation is caused by the hair cycle and is a completely temporary process. Afterwards, the hair that grows again becomes permanent and does not fall out.
  • When exactly will the result of hair transplantation be seen?
    Temporary spills occur in the first 2 months after the surgical procedure. Then new hair grows. Satisfactory results are seen at the end of 6 months, but maximum results are seen at the end of the 1st year.
  • Is it beneficial to use supplements containing molecules such as vitamins and biotin after hair transplantation?
    There is no need for such supplements after a hair transplant done in good and reliable hands. Studies have shown that the use of this type of product has no effect on the result. Therefore, its routine use is not recommended.
  • Is Hair transplant Turkey safe?
    Turkey is one of the leading centers of health tourism all over the world because it is a safe country. Millions of people come to Turkey every year as part of health tourism and return to their countries with an excellent service. In addition, all these services are provided at more affordable prices compared to world standards. Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya are the leading cities of health tourism in Turkey. Among these cities, Ankara stands out because it is the capital of the country. There are clinics where the latest technology is used in the city of Ankara, where all public institutions are located and where all country managers live. It is also one of the safest cities because it is the capital. As Civas Clinic, we serve our clients from all over the world in Ankara. We welcome everyone who thinks about Hair transplant Turkey and wants to get quality service to our clinic.
  • Which drugs should be used after hair transplantation?
    After the procedure, the use of saline spray, baby shampoo and topical antibiotics is sufficient. Our packages containing all these are given to our patients after the surgery. Topical antibiotic ointment should be used for 10 days for the donor area. Saline spray should be used for 1 week to the recipient area where the grafts are placed. In addition, washing the hair should be done with baby shampoo in the first week. Normal shampoo can be used afterwards. Since the transplanted hair is taken from the safe donor area in hair transplantation, it is not expected to shed. However, medical treatments should be recommended for the protection of existing hair. Since the doctors in our clinic are also dermatologists, they make detailed evaluations and recommend the most appropriate treatment methods for the protection of existing hair. Good results are obtained when treatment modalities such as minoxidil, finasteride, dutasteride, laser hat are recommended by selecting the appropriate and correct patient.
  • Should I have P-R-P, stem cell, mesotherapy after hair transplantation?
    There is no need for any of these treatments after a quality hair transplant. Studies have shown that the application of such treatments does not affect the results of hair transplantation. Therefore, it is not recommended.
  • What is the transection rate?
    Transection is the damage that occurs in the transverse axis of the grafts during the collection of the grafts. If the graft is completely cut, it is called total trasection, and if a part of the graft is cut, it is called partial transection. The rate of damaged grafts in the collected grafts is called the transection rate. A high rate of this decreases graft survival. Therefore, surgical success decreases. The use of punch suitable for the patient’s skin structure and the diameter of the hair follicles is extremely important in terms of reducing the transection rate. It is also important to have an experienced team. Processing parallel to the exit direction of the hair follicles reduces this rate. The punches used in hair surgery vary between 0.7-1 mm. The use of very small punch increases the transection rate, while the use of too large causes significant damage to the donor area. The type of punch chosen is also important. There are different types of punches such as standard, serrated, trumpet. Thanks to the appropriate punch type, quality grafts can be obtained.
  • Hair transplant Turkey, what is the most important criterion in choosing?
    Unfortunately, illegal hair transplants are also common in Turkey. Since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, it must be performed by a doctor. Among doctors, people who have the authority to do this should do it. Doctors who have the authority to perform hair transplantation are Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons. For this reason, attention should be paid to this in the selection of doctors and clinics.
  • What is the most ideal method for eyebrow transplantation?
    The best method in eyebrow transplantation is the method called DHI.
Update Date: 20.08.2023
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