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Privacy Policy

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Our Commitment to Privacy

At Civas Hair Transplant, your confidentiality matters. We understand that your health is a deeply personal matter, and protecting your personal and medical information is very important to us.

Rest assured that we will never share your personal or medical information with anyone without your explicit consent.

Data collected at Civas Hair Transplant

At Civas Hair Transplant, we collect and store essential personal and medical data necessary for providing our patients with the highest standard of healthcare. The type of data collected at our clinic include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Gender
  • Medical History
  • Medication Details
  • Allergies
  • Diet Restriction
  • Diagnosis
  • Surgery Details
  • Pre-op & Post-op photos

How is data collected used at Civas Hair Transplant?

We believe that having a complete and accurate medical record is of utmost importance to be able to deliver a personalized and effective treatment to our patients. Your contact information will only be used for communication purposes and appointment scheduling.

You can trust that this information will be used solely for your healthcare needs and will not be shared with any third parties.

Who can access data collected at Civas Hair Transplant?

Your data is accessible only to authorized staff directly involved in your healthcare. This includes our dedicated medical staff such as doctors and nurses, who require access to provide you with the best possible care. Our patient coordinators also require access to be able to provide you with comprehensive care. The personnel at Civas Hair Transplant are strictly bound by confidentiality agreements and ethical obligations to protect your privacy. These legal contractual agreements prohibit the sharing of your data without your explicit consent. We take every measure to ensure that your data remains confidential and private, upholding the highest standards of medical ethics.

Control over data collected at Civas Hair Transplant

At Civas Hair Transplant, we firmly believe in putting you in control of your transformative journey. We understand that your preferences might change, and your privacy is one of our top priorities. Therefore, you retain the right to withdraw consent for the use and internal sharing of your data at any time. Should you choose to withdraw consent, please get in touch with your patient coordinator and we will immediately honor your wishes and stop any data-related activities. We respect and support your choices every step of the way.

To access and sign the consent form, please click on the link below. Once you have completed and signed the form, you can scan it and forward it to your patient coordinator or you can bring a printed copy to your scheduled appointment.

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