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FUT Scar Revision

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FUT scar revision is a corrective procedure performed to deal the visible linear scars from a previous FUT hair transplant. During an FUT scar revision surgery, surgical techniques, such as excision, suturing or grafting, are used to minimize the appearance of the scar left at the donor site. This is done in order to reduce the visibility of the scar and to blend it more effectively with the surrounding hair resulting in a more natural look.

FUT Scar Revision

FUT scar revision (FUT scar repair)is done to conceal the scar resulting from FUT hair transplant. During FUT hair transplant, grafts are extracted from a thin strip of skin that is taken from the back and sides of the head, leaving a linear scar. The strip should be thin enough so that the resulting scar is almost invisible. If a large strip is extracted, a wide scar remains that looks quite unpleasant.

How is FUT scar repair done?

Grafts can be transplanted directly into the scar tissue using FUE method in order to avoid further scarring the patient’s scalp. Laser scar removal techniques, fillers and dermabrasion can be done before transplantation to smooth and prepare the scar tissue for transplantation. The number of grafts transplanted varies with the size of the scar.

The estimated graft survival rate on scar tissue is about 70%. Another way to correct the scar is by scar excision. Here, the scar tissue is extracted and stitched back using trichophytic closure technique. This method is suitable for patients with elastic skin. This method can also be combined with FUE hair transplant.

Can scar revision completely hide the FUT scar?

Yes, sufficient grafts transplanted into the scar can fully hide it. In the case of scar excision, the resulting thinner scar won’t be visible with long hair.

How long does it take to heal?

It takes 2 weeks for the stitch to heal (in case of scar excision) and 10 days for the transplanted area to fully recover (in the case of FUE).

How much does scar revision cost?

Scar revision depends on size of scar.

Update Date: 18.08.2023
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