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Hair Transplant Turkey Prices 2023

Performed over 10,000+ Successful Hair Transplants

In the recent years, Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for Hair Transplant Surgery. More and more patients choose Turkey for hair restoration as accredited clinics in Turkey offer high quality treatments; performed by experienced doctors, at an affordable cost.

TreatmentPrice range in Civas ClinicPrice range in TurkeyPrice range in UKPrice range in EuropePrice range in USA
FUE Hair Transplant€2500 - €4800€1999 - €7500£4690 - £10090€3450 - €5850$11800 - $16900
DHI Hair Transplant€3250 - €5200€2490 - €8500£10600 - £13090€5590 - €32000$10800 - $18300
Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant€3000 - €5000€2199 - €7000£5750 - £14090€4900 - €8300$12900 - $17590
Women Hair Transplant€3000 - €4500€2990 - €6000£5000 - £10500€3900 - €9000$11890 - $15000
Revision Hair Transplant€2000 - €4500€1500 - €6000£4000 - £8590€2500 - €5000$6900 - $9000
FUT Hair Transplant€1500 - €2500€1000 - €3500£2900 - £5900€2500 - €4500$3000 - $5000

Please note that lower cost, in this case does not translate to lower quality. The cost of hair transplants in Turkey is much lower compared to countries in Europe or USA due to the currency exchange rate. This is why Turkish clinics, with their team of experienced doctors and technicians operating in state-of-the-art facilities, following strict medical regulations, can price their surgeries lower than their western counterparts.

Renowned for their impeccable service, Civas Hair Transplant is spearheaded by two world-class dermatologists specialized in hair loss and hair restoration. Dr. Ekrem Civas, one of the first Turkish physicians to be accredited by FISHRS and Dr. Ümit Akpınar, one of the youngest and brightest doctors of Turkey, both have years of experience and expertise in the field. Together, they have performed and supervised countless successful hair transplant surgeries. During the face-to-face consultation on the day of the surgery, they personally perform the initial consultation, operation planning and hairline design for our patients. Local anesthesia is also administered by Dr. Akpınar, a qualified and most competent doctor.

At Civas Hair Transplant, we offer all-inclusive packages which include airport transfers, accommodation for up to 3 nights in a 4-star boutique hotel and transfers to and from the clinic. Our packages also include a comprehensive online after care follow up, medication and prescriptions if needed.

One of reasons why patients around the world choose Civas Hair Transplant is our ONE patient a day policy. Patient satisfaction, paired with successful results and thriving hair, are of utmost importance to our brand. We believe that quality should never be compromised, especially when it comes at the expense of someone’s wellbeing. This is why at Civas Hair Transplant, we offer premium services by performing only one surgery a day. We ensure that our patients receive the best possible care and the full attention of our team in order to achieve the best possible results in each individual case. When you choose Civas Hair Transplant, YOU are our sole concern for the day.

Packages offered at Civas Hair Transplant

Cost€1.0 per graft€1.5 per graft
Initial ConsultationClinic Dermatologist DoctorsClinic Dermatologist Doctors
Operation PlanningClinic Dermatologist DoctorsClinic Dermatologist Doctors
Hairline DesignClinic Dermatologist DoctorsClinic Dermatologist Doctors
Incisions (Opening of channels)Specialist Nurse TechniciansClinic Dermatologist Doctors
ExtractionSpecialist Nurse TechniciansSpecialist Nurse Technicians
ImplantationSpecialist Nurse TechniciansSpecialist Nurse Technicians

Cost of other treatments available at Civas Hair Transplant

Beard TransplantAll the incisions and part of the extraction are done by clinic dermatologist doctors€5000
Eyebrow TransplantAll the incisions and part of the extraction are done by clinic dermatologist doctors€1500
Women Hair TransplantAll the incisions and part of the extraction are done by clinic dermatologist doctors€2.0 per graft
Scar TreatmentAll the incisions and part of the extraction are done by clinic dermatologist doctors€2.0 per graft
Revision SurgeryAll the incisions and part of the extraction are done by clinic dermatologist doctors€2.0 per graft
Stem Cell TreatmentPerformed by clinic dermatologist doctors€1250

* All our packages include accommodation in a 4-Star Boutique Hotel, airport transfers, transfers to and from the clinic, and a comprehensive after care service including medication up to one year post surgery.

How Much is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant prices vary with different surgeons and in different regions too. The prices in most cases are charged per graft, however some centers charge standard prices on some range of number of grafts.

The cost of hair transplant in USA may range from 3-15$ per graft, while the prices in Europe range from 2-10€ per graft and in the UK up to 15£ per graft.

Hair surgery in Turkey ranges from 1500-6000€ per surgery depending on the center. Many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey charge very cheaply, but the quality of the surgery could be questionable.

Having hair transplantation in cheap places in Turkey carries significant risks in terms of patient health. Care should be taken to stay away from the results of hair transplantation by unlicensed doctors and people.

In Civas Hair Transplant is best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we charge 1-1.5€ per graft standard price according to package. You need to fill in the consultation form including your pictures, to find out the estimated cost of your surgery.

Turkey continues to be one of the leading countries in health tourism and hair transplantation. Doctor quality and experience ensure good and satisfied results. However, unlicensed doctors and technicians can also cause undesirable results. Therefore, choosing the right doctor and clinic is very important. Thousands of patients who have had hair transplantation in Turkey become references to thousands of other patients, and this number is increasing exponentially every day.

We also treat all types of hair loss in our hair center and perform hair transplantation for those who need surgery. If you are considering Hair transplant in Turkey you can contact us to achieve the best results and be in safe hands.

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