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Biotin and Hair Loss

The use of biotin in the treatment of hair and nail diseases without being proven in laboratory tests can cause problems.


In recent years, supportive treatments and multivitamins for hair loss have been widely used. Vitamins used without deficiency can do more harm than good.


The Relationship between Biotin and Hair Loss

You may be surprised, that BIOTIN USED WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEDGE IS NOT PROVEN ON HAIR LOSS. We meet the biotin we need from foods and the gut microbiome. With the update published by the FDA in 2017, it has been shown that Biotin, which is used in supplements and multivitamins, interacts with various laboratory tests and impairs laboratory tests.
He warned that however many laboratory tests, including cardiovascular diagnostic tests and hormone tests, could potentially be affected and false test results may be produced if biotin is present in the patient’s sample.
There is not enough information available as to whether stopping biotin consumption a few hours before the test will prevent false test results.


In order to correct hair loss diagnosis and treatment , patients should be examined by dermatologist.

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