Speeches and Lectures

Dr. Civas International Dermatology and Cosmetology Congress
Dr. Civas ISHRS 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting Chicago 2015
Dr Civas ISHRS Workshop Istanbul
Dr. Civas Dermatology and Dermatopathology Conference Istanbul March 2017
  1. 2018 8th Istanbul Cosmetic Dermatology Symposium, “Hair Transplant: Surgical Treatment of Hair Loss in Women” Regnum Karya Hotel, 9-13 May, Antalya/TURKEY
  2. 2018 13th Aegean Dermatology Days, “Hair Transplant: Which Alopecias are Suitable Hair Transplant?”, 08 -13 May, Lycian Hotel, Fethiye/TURKEY
  3. 2017 International Dermatology and Cosmetology Congress, “Hair transplant: Innovations and Videos” session chairman and  “Motorized FUE” talk, 15-18 March Istanbul/TURKEY
  4. 2016 1st Aesthetic Dermatology Cadaver Injection and Anatomy Course Instructor, Ankara University Medical Faculty Anatomy Branch, 20th November, Ankara/TURKEY
  5. 2016 6th National Surgical Dermatology Days,  “Hair Transplant: Surgical Treatment of Cicatricial Alopecia” 17th-20th November, Hilton, Ankara/TURKEY
  6. 2016 26th National Dermatology Congress, “Hair Transplant: Surgical Treatment of Primary Cicatricial Alopecia: A Case Study of 9 Patients” 19-23 October, Rixos sungate, Antalya/TURKEY
  7. 2016 17th European Hair Research Society (EHRS), Speaker “Hair transplant in Primary and Secondary Cicatricial Alopecia”, 24-26 June, Tbilisi/GEORGIA
  8. 2016 Ufuk University Medical School, Dermatology Department , Seminer “Basic Hair Transplant Surgery”, 27th April, Ankara/TURKEY
  9. 2016 Post Dermatology Residency Training (DUSEK), Cosmetic course Instructor ”Laser treatment of veins and capillaries” 23-24 April Holiday Inn, Ankara/TURKEY
  10. 2016 ISHRS FUE Workshop: Istanbul 2106, Speaker ‘’Hair Transplant: Motorized FUE’’ Medistate Hospital 1-3 April Istanbul/TURKEY
  11. 2016 ISHRS FUE Workshop: Istanbul 2106, Speaker, ‘’Hair Transplant for Cicatricial Alopecia” Medistate Hospital 1-3 April Istanbul/TURKEY
  12. 2016 ISHRS FUE Workshop: Lecturer, ‘‘Hair Transplant Indications”, Medistate Hospital 1-3 April Istanbul/TURKEY
  13. 2016 Indercos 1st International Dermatology and Cosmetology Congress, Speaker ‘‘Hair Transplant Limitations’’, 16-20 March 2016, Harbiye Askeri Museum Istanbul/TURKEY
  14. 2015 23rd ISHRS 2015 annual scientific meeting, “Hair Transplant: the surgical treatment of primary cicatricial alopecia: is it rational?” 7-12 September Chicago / ILLINOIS USA
  15. 2015 Dermato-Oncology association, IV. DOD Dermatology agenda, “Hair Transplant: the surgical treatment of hair loss” 3-6 September Rixos Hotel Eskisehir / TURKEY
  16. 2015 current approaches to laser dermatology, NdYAG + Alexandrite treatments, Dr. Civaş participated as a speaker, Güven Hospital on June 10, Ankara / TURKEY
  17. 2015 Excell HR Cutera meeting, “Excell HR Laser – Hair Removal and Vascular Treatments”, 19th April, Riyadh/ SAUDI ARABIA
  18. 2015 Excell HR Cutera meeting, “Excell HR Laser – Hair Removal and Vascular Treatments”, 18th April, Ceddah/ SAUDI ARABIA
  19. 2015 8th Uludağ Dermato-cosmetology Days, March 1 to 4, Karina Hotel Uludag Bursa / TURKEY
  20. 2014 5th National Dermatologic Surgery Days, ‘Hair Transplant: Innovations in Hair Transplantation, Problems and Solutions’ 4 to 7 December Hilton Istanbul / TURKEY
  21. 2014 6th Istanbul Cosmetic Dermatology Academy Symposium, key talk on ”Hair Transplant: How Effective is Hair Transplantation in Cicatricial Alopecia?”, May 13 to 17 Hilton Bodrum / TURKEY
  22. 2013 Prof. Dr. A. Lutfu Tat Symposium, “Hair Transplant: FUE and FUT method of harvesting hair grafts” 13 to 17 November JW Marriott Ankara / TURKEY
  23. 2013 8th Ege Dermatology Days, Hair Diseases Session “Hair Transplant: Hair Transplantation: Selection of the Appropriate Male and Female Candidates and Determining the Most Appropriate Method”, May 8 to 12 Sheraton Cesme Hotel / Izmir TURKEY
  24. 2013 Dermatology Spring Symposium “Current Approaches in Laser Applications” April 11 to 14 Harbiye Military Museum in Istanbul / TURKEY
  25. 2013 7th Uludağ Dermato-cosmetology Days, “New Concurrent Laser Technologies with Laser Hair Removal and Laser Treatment of Vascular Lesions” on March 14 to 17 in Bursa / TURKEY
  26. 2012 4th National Dermatologic Surgery Days, “Hair Transplant: Hair Transplantation: Experiences” 6-9 December 2012 Istanbul / TURKEY
  27. 2012 5th Istanbul Cosmetic Dermatology Symposium “Hair Transplant: Surgical Treatment of Cicatricial Alopecia” 27-29 June in Istanbul / TURKEY
  28. 2012 9th Çukurova Dermatology Days, “Excel V laser Treatment of Vascular Lesions,” 23 to 27 May 2012, Istanbul / TURKEY
  29. 2011 XX Lutfu Tat Congress, “Nd-YAG and KTP Lasers” 16 to 20 November, Istanbul / TURKEY
  30. 2011 1st AAHRS Annual Meeting, “Different Approaches of Hair Transplantation in Non AGA Cases”, 24-26 June, Bangkok / THAILAND
  31. 2011 6th Uludağ Dermato-cosmetology Days, “The Use of Laser in Treatment of Congenital Spots, Varicose Veins and Capillaries”, 3-6 March Bursa / TURKEY
  32. 2010 3rd National Dermatologic Surgery Days, “Hair Transplant: Hair Transplantation, Problems, Experiences and Solutions” 4-7 November in Istanbul / TURKEY
  33. 2010 18th ISHRS Annual Meeting, “Hair Transplantation Experiences in Cicatricial Alopecia Patients”, 19-24 October, the Boston / USA
  34. 2010 4th Istanbul Cosmetic Dermatology Symposium, “New Techniques in Hair Transplantation”, 23-25 June, Istanbul / TURKEY
  35. 2010 Dermatology Dermato-oncolgy Agenda “What is Hair Transplantation? How is Hair Transplantation Done?”, 26-30 May, Çeşme / TURKEY
  36. 2009 XIX Prof. Dr. Lutfu Tat Dermatology Congress, “Hair Transplantation in non-AGA Cicatricial and Non-cicatricial Alopecia”, 11-15 November in Ankara / TURKEY
  37. 2009 12th Europe Laser Surgery Congress, “Hair Transplantation in Young Patients” 2 to 4 May Istanbul / TURKEY
  38. 2008 2nd National Dermatologic Surgery Days, “Use of Laser on Unusual Vascular Lesions”, 28 to 30 November Istanbul / TURKEY
  39. 2008 11th ESHRS Congress, European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, ”Comparison of Different Instruments Used in FUE in Terms of Speed and Efficiency 29 May to 1 June Madrid / SPAIN
  40. 2007 ICOS International Cosmetics Symposium “Basic Principles of Hair Transplantation, 20 to 22 June Istanbul / TURKEY
  41. 2007 10th ESHRS Congress European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery “Creative Approaches to the Correction of Badly Done Hair Transplants” 24 to 27 May, Paris / FRANCE
  42. 2007 4th Uludağ Dermatology Days, “Skin Rejuvenation with Laser’ 22-25 February, Bursa / TURKEY
  43. 2004 Stress Symposium, “The Relationship Between Stress and Hair Loss” 14 to 17 October, Ankara / TURKEY