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Choose A Licensed Hair Transplant Surgeon: Don’t Risk

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Choose A Licensed Hair Transplant Surgeon: Don’t Risk

Choose A Licensed Hair Transplant Surgeon

Patients must be very careful when selecting their hair transplant surgeon. Make sure that the physician is well trained and licensed to perform the surgery. Most of the upcoming centers only have medical technicians who have some years of experience in doing hair transplant surgeries, but they are not well trained in all the important aspects. This is such a huge risk for the patient since there is a chance of poor diagnosis, risk of infections and bad outcomes from the surgery.

I have heard from some of our patients who had their surgery in very cheap substandard clinics and they reported no presence of a qualified surgeon; that the hair transplant was performed by only technicians. These patients had very bad experiences; apart from just unsatisfactory results, they experienced lots of pain in the surgery, had infections on the donor area after the surgery, or ended up with very huge scars.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is taking this issue very seriously and has issued a warning statement in order to create awareness. Patients should make sure that a qualified physician performs the following aspects of the hair restoration surgery:

  • Pre-operation Consultation
  • Surgery Planning
  • Hairline Design
  • Take part in or supervise donor harvesting
  • Recipient site creation
  • Monitor the patient’s medical condition to ensure no adverse reactions come up because of the surgery
  • Post operative care

In order for a patient to know if the surgeon is qualified or not, they should question the following;

  • The education and training level and certification of the person who will evaluate and diagnose their hair loss
  • The training and education, experience and licensing of the people performing their surgery (harvesting and incision),what role they will perform and if they are legally permitted.
  • If all the people involved in the surgery are covered by malpractice insurance.

Patients should also be aware that there is no scarless hair transplant. Even FUE leaves tiny almost invisible dots of scars. There is currently also no 100% fully robotic hair transplant procedure. Machines only aid surgeons to perform some roles, but cannot replace the human labor.

All in all, beware of who you are selecting. Research about their education and experience before making a choice.

Finding the Right Hair Transplant Clinic

Are wondering or considering having a hair transplant but you are confused about where to have the procedure from, think no more Turkey is a booming medical tourism destination for mostly hair transplants today. Since Turkey has an exceptional reputation for medical tourism, this makes it the right choice for most of hair transplant patients.

One of the top clinics for hair transplant Turkey is Civas Hair Transplant Clinic. Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of our patients who trust in us through excellent results. With exceptionally good hair transplant results from Civas Hair Transplant, you will not only look younger and feel more energetic but also enjoy a renewed self-esteem.

Dr. Ekrem Civas is the one of the doctors at Civas Hair Clinic, the first doctor in our country that has been granted FISHRS title by fulfilling the necessary requirements in the field of hair surgery and being accepted to the Fellow category.

He has passed the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery),one of the most renowned diplomas in the field of hair surgery in the world) qualification exam and became the first doctor to receive the American Board diploma in our country. Dr. Civas is the first doctor in our country who has the competence to become an academician.

Update Date: 19.08.2023
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