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Hair Transplant And Sun Exposure

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Hair Transplant And Sun Exposure

Many people choose to have an FUE hair transplant during the summer months because it’s when they have more months for recovery, thus making sun exposure avoidance all the more pertinent. Sun bathing is enjoyed by most people and is done with intent to tan or for it’s health benefits.

However this is highly recommended for those with vitamin D deficiency, sun exposure is strongly discouraged for several months after a hair transplant because the scalp has to heal properly and the follicles have to take root. At this point the hair follicles are very fragile and special care and attention has to be taken to promote hair re-growth.

How does sun exposure affect a hair transplant?

In the case of a hair transplant, direct sun exposure can not only harm the skin but also can harm the recipient area and the transplanted grafts, which is why patients are advised to avoid sun exposure during the first months after a hair transplant procedure.

We; at Civas Hair Transplant, generally recommend our patients who have undergone a hair transplant to maintain the new transplanted hair by covering it with a cap for the first two months after the procedure

The skin contains chromatophores cells (the cells responsible for skin pigmentation) which usually gets darken when exposed to the sun, however, after a hair transplant, that skin becomes inactive and even dies. The skin is still sensitive to sun exposure; therefore it is advisable to hide the scalp from being exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

A hair transplant will most likely cause hypersensitivity at least during the first months after the procedure; this can however worsen with sun exposure.

The sun can also affect healthy skin around the area where the hair transplant took place by causing discoloration in these areas.

How long after a hair transplant can I avoid sun exposure?

Each patient reacts differently to sun exposure after a hair transplant, the recommendations made by our doctors will be customized to individual patients. The minimum duration to avoid sun exposure after a hair transplant is of around 3 months, most of the doctors will recommend avoiding direct sun exposure for a longer period. In general, if you are feeling significant discomfort after three months following the procedure, you should consult your surgeon for advice. At our clinic we provide one year free post op consultation where you can stay in contact with our representatives.

How to avoid sun exposure after a FUE hair transplant?

The most effective way of protecting the transplant area from sun exposure after a hair transplant is by wearing a hat, it should provide complete coverage of the transplant area.

Avoiding direct sun exposure doesn’t mean you need to stay inside on sunny days. Just ensure that your scalp is adequately protected when you do go outdoors. Ensure that the hat is not tightly fitting or too loose.

If you have long enough existing hair on your head, you could comb the existing hair over the grafts to protect them from the sun exposure.

If you have plans to go to the beach and intend to go into the water, it is recommendable that you apply a heavy coating of waterproof sunscreen on your face, as well as the scalp. You should keep note that simply wearing sunscreen is not a sufficient replacement for a hat.

The incisions from your procedure have to be completely healed before you can apply sunscreen and that the minimum protection factor of the sun blocker should be 30 or more.

You should choose a right time to go outside preferably a time that is not too hot for example in the evening when the sun is down to prevent sun exposure to transplanted hairs.

In conclusion, you should remember that avoiding sun exposure after a FUE hair transplant is about minimizing the risk of any complications while giving yourself the best chance of successful results. Don’t underestimate the potential dangers of UV radiation on transplanted skin. Take the proper measures and keep yourself safe.

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Update Date: 19.08.2023
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