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Hair Transplant Prices 2022 in Turkey

Hair Transplantation prices vary between clinics. We, as Civas Hair Transplant, determine our prices by considering the following factors:

  1. By whom the transplant will be carried out;

It defines the performance of the steps that will determine the result of the procedure and require safety for the patient, by the doctor. Hair transplant prices vary among doctors according to the following characteristics.

    • Is he an expert in his field; hair transplant prices of dermatology, plastic surgery specialists or doctors specializing in hair surgery vary.
    • Doctor’s experience; the American Hair Surgery Association defines physicians who have performed 500 or more hair surgeries as physicians experienced in hair transplantation.
    • Patient satisfaction created by the doctor in terms of hair transplant results
    • Are there any scientific studies on this subject; recognition in the field of hair surgery and contribution to scientific articles is an important criterion. (You can search from Google scholar and pubmed.)
  1. If the procedure will be performed by hair transplant technicians;
    • Experience of the team
    • Where the procedure will be performed is another factor that determines the hair transplant price.


  1. Medicines and consumables used during the process affect the result of the process. Appropriate drugs and surgical instruments have a cost and affect hair transplant prices.


4. Some clinics can evaluate hair transplant prices based on the number of grafts, while some          apply standard prices.

In the light of the above criteria, hair transplantation prices vary according to the indication of hair transplantation. Below you can see the titles for you to get an idea.

 Hair Transplant Prices for Men

For male patients, usually 3000-3500 graft is the ideal number of hair transplant grafts. This number may be around 1500-2000 depending on the size of the open area in patients with very little loss and only the hairline will be corrected. In patients with insufficient donors, the number can decrease to 2000 grafts and a lower hair transplant price can be established for these patients.

Hair Transplant Prices for Women

Hair transplantation in women is special. It requires a more special experience than all other hair transplants. In fact, determining the female patient eligible for hair transplantation requires a serious dermatology and hair diseases experience. This is why the price of hair transplantation for women is higher.

Beard Transplant Prices

Beard transplantation will be very difficult for clinics with no previous experience and there is a possibility that the patient may encounter undesirable results. Usually the standard price is determined.

Eyebrow Transplantation Prices

Eyebrow transplantation is an important hair transplantation indication that requires experience. Standard pricing is determined.

Mustache Transplantation Prices

It is generally requested for scars caused by burns and similar reasons and mustache tightening. Standard pricing is determined.

Pubic Region Hair Transplant Prices

For any reason

Hair Transplantation Prices in Scarred Hair Loss

It varies according to the size of the scar. The price may vary depending on whether excision will be made or not before hair transplantation. In primary scarring alopecia, the opinion of a dermatologist must be sought before hair transplantation.

The drugs that should be used after hair transplantation are usually provided by the clinics that perform the procedure. It has an impact on cost. Medications usually include antibiotics, sprays, shampoos, antihistamines and pain relievers.

In line with these factors, you can reach Civas Hair Transplant prices from the link below:

Hair transplant costs

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