Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

“We, us, our and other words refers to the corporate brand and its subsidiaries. The word “you belirt refers to the visitor who visits and / or interacts with and participates in this website by adding content in any way.
Welcome to the website or mobile applications with related content (hereinafter referred to as the “website)). This website is intended solely for the purpose of informational purposes in dermatology and aesthetics, without any other purpose, and is a website containing articles on these issues.

This website provides you with; provided that you accept all of the terms, conditions and notices listed below (all together in the “User Agreement”). By accessing or providing access to this website in any way, you agree to be bound by the User Agreement and to read and understand the obligations arising therefrom. Please read the User Agreement carefully to learn about your legal rights and any disputes that may arise, such as the applicable law and jurisdiction. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions set out in the User Agreement, you will not be authorized to use this website and you will be liable for any legal, criminal, financial or financial disputes.

The Website may at any time, modify or amend the User Agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions available, the access to and use of the Website after such changes indicate that the amended version of the agreement has been accepted, but that you agree to the full acceptance of the new User Agreement. will mean. In case of changes to the User Agreement, the new agreement shall enter into force as of the date of the amendment.

All information and materials on this website have been prepared by the website for general information purposes. No content on the Web site is not contrary to the legislation drawn framework and does not constitute a violation of the laws of the Republic of Turkey to ban advertising for any profession. No document, content or other input on the website or its content may be used for advertising, business development or similar purposes, or in such a way as to result in such a result.

All information, documents, photographs, content and other entries on this website and any legal rights relating thereto belong exclusively to and any use of them by altering or referring to them will constitute a violation of legal rights. Regarding this violation, the website may take legal action against the perpetrators. All written or visual materials and information contained on this website and the intellectual property rights of the website logo belong to and cannot be copied without prior written approval and approval from representing the website and can not be used in any way.

Linking to this website is strictly prohibited unless prior written permission has been obtained from representing the website.
All written and visual materials on the website are placed on the website for non-commercial purposes. Visitors know and accept that the information may be incomplete or incorrect, and may not be up to date; therefore, it is not possible for visitors to claim that they have suffered damage due to this website. The Website accepts no responsibility for the content offered or the actions performed by visitors on the basis of this website.

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