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What is U-FUE Undetectable/Unshaven FUE?

U-FUE stands for Unshaven or Undetectable FUE, where hair is not shaved during the surgery. In the traditional FUE, all hair must be shaved to facilitate extraction and placement of grafts since most of the hair transplant surgery equipment only works with shaven hair. In U-FUE, only the grafts to be extracted are cut and extracted, while the rest of the untouched hair remains intact. Also in the recipient area, recipient sites are made within the existing hair. When healing, scabs and redness can be hidden by the existing hair. This helps make the surgery undetectable since the rest of the hair can cover the traces of the surgery from being noticed. The disadvantages are time, cost and less grafts transplanted. The work load involved in this surgery is more, so it will be more expensive and less grafts can be extracted.

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