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Did Jamie Foxx Have A Hair Transplant?

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Did Jamie Foxx Have A Hair Transplant?

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

Its no a doubt that being a celebrity some times comes with a higher price than we even imagine, life can not be ordinary anymore, not that an ordinary life is bad but with celebrities ordinary just doesnot cut it. There were lots of rumors about Jamie Foxx and having a hair transplant, although it has never been confirmed there has been a tremendos change in his hair density and coverage.

He even got a tatoo that symbolizes a tribal crown in the most strategic of places, his donor area, showing a clear difference in Jamie Foxx’s before and after photos. It is mentioned in several articles that he got the tatoo as a gift to himself for his birthday.

Many people believe that Jamie Foxx had this tattoo to cover the scar formed after hair transplantation. Considering the shape of his tatoo its gets us thinking that he might have had an FUT hair transplantation, this scar can be covered by a tattoo and today by FUT scar revision. FUT involves dissecting the grafts from a strip of the scalp obtained from the back or the sides of the head.

Eric Marlon Bishop also known as Jamie Foxx was born December 13th 1967. He first became famous in 1990’s where he started to appear in Hollywood productions. Using “In Living Color” TV program as a stepping stone to his career, Jamie Foxx managed to take part in many Hollywood productions. Jamie Foxx starred in comedies, action and even several T.V shows.

This success resulted in a closer public examination for him, his recent change in his hair has attracted people’s attention and in return resulted in questions whether Jamie Foxx had hair transplantation or not. No one knows whether Jamie Foxx had a hair transplant expect from his doctor and himself, but he surely had successful results.

What Is A Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant are when sections of hair are moved from the bottom or back of the scalp into areas closer where hair is thinner or non-existent which is generally the area closes to the forehead. Generally hair transplant are performed in area that can experience hair loss such as the head, beard and eyebrow.

Is It Safe To Have A Hair Transplant?

For all the people, hair transplant has been proven a blessing that can bring back their natural and shiny hair. Along with an improved appearance, hair transplant patients report a marked increase in self-esteem. This is why more celebrities have turned to hair transplantation as a solution for their hair loss. Hair transplant also adds a volume to thin hair and increases the density and fullness.

There are always a few risks and complications after every surgery but this doesn’t mean that a hair transplant surgery is not safe. At our clinic, the doctor always discusses the risks to the patient before the surgery. The complications the patient might face after the treatment are clearly explained to the patients without leaving out anything.

The reasearch in hair transplant throughout the years has greatly improved with with better hair transplant techniques giving more natural results.

Was Jamie Foxx A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant?

The perfect candidate for a hair transplant would be anyone who has experienced hair loss and has sufficient donor hair on the scalp which can be transplanted into the balding area.

In this case looking at Jamie Foxx and his pictures before the alleged surgery, he qualifies as a good candidate for hair transplant. But there is more to be considered for one to qualify as a good candidate for hair transplant.

In the past, hair transplants were not recommended for balding patients, but with the revelation of advances made in the field now almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of a hair transplant including men and women in there earlier age like Jamie Foxx.

The following is a list of criteria used to determine whether or not someone would make a good candidate for a hair transplant:

  • Evenly distributed hair loss
  • One who has tried medical treatments and had no success
  • No presence of any scalp infection
  • Does not smoke or ready to quit two weeks before surgery
  • Reasonable expectations
  • No presence of diabetes, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, bleeding disorders, keloid tendency or any type of systemic disorder
  • No alcohol abuse or ready to discontinue alcohol use within two weeks of surgery
  • Above 18 years of age

Obviously Jamie Foxx is above 18 years and if at all he had hair transplantation he surely was a good candidate to have a surgery.

Update Date: 19.08.2023
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