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Long Hair Transplantation

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Long Hair Transplantation

Long Hair Transplantation has become more common option in hair transplantation for celebrities and those who don’t want to shave their hair during a hair transplant.

Long hair transplantation is the process of transferring long hair from the donor area to the balding area without shaving the scalp. Long hair transplantation is however a tedious procedure that should be performed by an experienced surgeon, because the hair being extracted is long, lots of care is taken during the procedure thus time consuming.

How many grafts are transplanted on average in long hair transplantation?

In long hair transplantation, a limited number of grafts can be extracted; the number of grafts transplanted per session is between 500-1000 and may vary depending on the donor area.

Advantages of Long Hair Transplantation

As soon as the hair transplantation is completed, there is a clear difference or change of the transplanted area as the results are seen sooner that normal.

No need to change the hairstyle or wear a hat to hide the donor area.

There is no need to cut your hair for the surgery.

It yields a positive psychological feedback because the waiting time is less.

Suitable for female and male patients who don’t want to cut their hair.

In the long hair transplantation technique, there are very few traces that the patient has had hair transplantation.

Disadvantages of Long Hair Transplantation

A highly experienced surgeon is required; if you are to have long hair transplantation, make sure to choose an experienced surgeon.

It takes more time compared to other hair transplant operations this is because lots of care is required while extracting long hair.

Long hair transplantation is not cheap but rather expensive compared to others because it requires a lot of attention and time.

The number of grafts transplanted per session is limited and different for every patient. Long hair transplantation is preferable for patients with a small balding area.

Since the hair is not shaved, the extraction and transplantation process of the hair follicles becomes a little more difficult.

It’s difficult for the doctors to clearly examine and identify the areas that are experiencing hair loss, due to the long hair.

The roots of the hair to be extracted must be strong to avoid graft splitting during the surgery. If the roots are not healthy, doctors should give a treatment that will strengthen them.

Patients need to adhere to the care recommended by the doctor. Post Hair transplant care is important to healing process and results.

Planning for the hair transplant is made difficult because of the long hair, it create blind spots and its difficult for the doctor to plan for hair distribution.

Is the Long Hair transplantation Technique Painful?

No, the surgeons administers local anesthesia during long hair transplantation procedure. Thanks to the local anesthesia, patients however do not feel any pain during the surgery.

Post- Long Hair Transplantation Care

Prevent from hitting your head or avoid any physical movements that could damage the hair follicles. If it you hit your head, it may prevent the roots from holding onto the other roots thus no hair growth.

Patients should pay attention to the temperature before going outside. In addition, the environment should not be very humid or very hot. The patient should not expose to direct sunlight after the operation. If these important points are followed, successful results can be achieved.

In order to smoothen the healing process of long hair transplantation, transplanted areas should not be touched because this distorts the transplanted grafts.

Patients should stay away from smoking and smoky environments. Smoking affects the hair follicles and slows down healing.

Use the medicated shampoo prescribed by your doctor for hair washing and care processes. Remember to wash your hair as prescribed by the doctor.

A few days after your long hair transplantation skin layer scabs and some itching occurs. To prevent this, your doctor may recommend an ointment. It is necessary to wait up to 1 month until complete recovery.

In conclusion

Long hair transplantation is generally not preferred by most surgeons because it is tedious, time consuming, it’s difficult for the surgeon to calculate the right density needed to carry out the surgery and needs special care however it should only be considered if it’s the patients only option.

Update Date: 19.08.2023
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