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I have seen many before/after pictures really amazing!

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This is Alex from Italy, we met at Medica office in Dec 2012 when I just had my hair transplantation in Poland and then recently at AMWC 2014 in Monaco. The reason why I have never sent you the address of the Polish doctor who did my previous transplantation is that I had the intention to get a new one with the newest technology called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and I couldn’t even tell you even in Monaco because my boss was there...

So 2 weeks ago I went to Ankara, Turkey to get the surgery done by Dr. Ekrem Civas who is a pioneer of hair transplantation, one of the most famous worlwide and he also wrote books and published articles about the different tecniques. It’s enough to google his name to discover who he is…The recommendation was thru my Turkish distributor who is a good friend of Dr. Civas.

Anyway, apart from being a great person humanly talking, he is great with the surgery, he has a great experience together with his team, so there are other 2 doctors working with him with more than 15 years of experience. The clinic is very nice and also in a nice area of Ankara, 30/45 minutes far from the airport and close to nice hotels so I highly recommend you to send your patients for hair transplantation there. I did it on the 6th of May and I had no pain and no discomfort during and after the session even the first night was fine without any problem.

Then I have to tell you that Doctor Civas is very cooperative so he’s explaining you everything in details and he is also personally taking care of the donor and transplanted area the 2 days after the procedure, washing the head and applying the cream on the donor area. One more thing very important: Dr. Civas is also great to design the new hair line to hide eventual previous mistakes, like in my case, and to make it real, so only careful eyes can detect the transplantation.

I have seen many before/after pictures really amazing! Now, 2 weeks after, I can already see all the new hairs growing and it’s really exciting for me, even though I will see the final results in Dec 2014/Jan 2015, 8 months later.

Alex, Italy

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