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Thank you to everyone at Civas for their fantastic hospitality!!

Performed over 10,000+ Successful Hair Transplants

Please see my hair transplant review of Civas Hair Clinic, hope this helps:

I am a 32 year old female who has been suffering with Traction alopecia for more than 10 years. After making the decision to take the HT route one year ago, the next (and most important) step was to choose which clinic.

If you have been doing the same thing as I was for over a year, you have been searching the internet forums and websites trying to find the best Doctor, within reason as I do not have ‘Wayne Rooney money’ to spend!! And being a female, it was more difficult to find stories like this as its more embarrassing for us girls, which is why I had to write a review from my experience.

Emails were sent to and from me to various clinics (trust me – there were a lot!!) including pictures for quotes. Many were trying to sell me the FUE method when I was requesting FUT, because as a female, having large areas to fill and not willing to shave my whole head (a requirement for FUE) this was not an option for me.

From the first email, Civas Hair Clinic called me on the phone almost immediately, gave me a personal evaluation, whereas most of the other clinics had sent what looked almost like a system generated email, just changing the name and price quote. Patricia the Coordinator was amazing from start to finish, answered all my questions and was available when I had more to ask, even Dr Ekrem Civas called me himself!!

Doing some more research on Dr Civas, I found he is the only Doctor in Turkey who is registered on the American Board of Hair Restoration and he has been performing these procedures for more than 15 years, having more than 2500 patients.

Patricia booked the date for me, was one of the only places not to ask me for a deposit upfront, and booked me a few nights in the hotel. The only thing I had to send her was the flight details so they knew when to pick me up at the airport and to confirm I was definitely coming!! She even booked me extra nights in the hotel as my flight home was cheaper if I flew later!!

I arrived the day before my op with my husband and was met by the driver who took us straight to the hotel, just stopping outside the clinic briefly so I knew where it was for the next day.

The morning of my op I spoke with Dr Ekrem in person for the first time. He is very nice as well as a complete professional. I felt completely at ease and confident he could produce the result I wanted.

The procedure was straightforward, pretty much exactly what I imagined. The medicine was minimal, ( which is great as i do not like taking anything like that) just enough for me to be at ease and feel no pain. I actually slept through most of the planting process!!

Dr Civas provided me with everything I needed and might need for my recovery and for the next few months, as well as giving me detailed step by step instructions on paper, which he read through with me. He was available for any questions I might have, providing me with personal phone numbers in case I needed anything, even with the hotel being right around the corner from the clinic. He even bought me a kebab from his favourite place for me to have after my operation!!

The day after I returned to the clinic for the first shampoo, where they showed me what to do for the next few days. They even shampooed my hair the next day as well, I was spoilt!!

Before we left for the airport to return home, Patricia surprised me with a lovely gift of a photo frame to put pictures of me with my new hair!! I was overwhelmed, I wasn’t expecting that at all, what a nice touch.

Three weeks on and everything has gone exactly as Dr Civas explained. I cannot express how impressed I have been with the service at Civas Clinic and encourage anyone who is in the same position as me to look no further. You will be treated as a complete individual and you should have full confidence at the professionalism of the entire team.

Now I am just waiting patiently (or as patient as i can be!!) to see the end results!!

Thank you to everyone at Civas for their fantastic hospitality!!

Baldtruthtalk, Leanne, Ireland

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